Thursday, December 29, 2005


The American Right is so well organized. Why? Because they possess a particularly powerful organizing principle called “fear.”

Righties will fear anything. They fear their merciless god, they fear failure, they fear dying, they fear dying poor, they fear Dad, feminists, flying, flying saucers, falling roadside debris, etc., etc., etc. Their fear is symbolized by their merciless warrior gods. If they weren’t wiping the floor with us, I might feel pity for them.

The Left, on the other hand, is organized by – what? Love? Caring? Fairness? We don’t have an organizing principle. Fear won’t work for us; we just make up songs like “Whenever I Feel Afraid, I Whistle a Happy Tune.” And I submit to you that our lack of a unifying principle gives us a leg down, compared to our righteous Rightie sibs.

But we could have an organizing principle. The Mother Goddess symbolizes all the Left stands for: unconditional love; peace vs. war; respect for the planet; equality for all; and so forth.

A picture is worth a thousand words; a symbol is worth an infinite number. So hey, people, whaddya say we adopt the Great Mother? Not of course that we wouldn’t welcome Righties to adopt her too, but after they do, my guess is they wouldn’t be Righties any more. They’d be Lefties.

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Anne Johnson said...

Won't work. Their tactics are filthy. No goddess of any stripe would stand for it one minute. Not even an Amazon.

Athana said...

You might be right, Anne, sad to say. Which brings me to my topic for tomorrow: "sin."

I despise that word "sin." It was invented, I'm sure, by the warrior gods, and it makes my skin crawl whenever I hear it. Is there a place for, or a need for the concept in a Goddess world?

I forgot one major Warrior-God fear in today's post: the fear of that vast underground torture chamber they made up to scare the hair off the rest of us. Or to try to, at any rate. What swell blokes they are.

Morgaine said...

What amazes me is the depths patriarchy reaches in the minds of educated people. To me, once you see the patriarchy, you must see the violence inherent in the concept. So many supposedly progressive people, male and female, are threatened by the idea of matriarchy. It's as if they can't see their own prejudice enough to let them evaluate the two systems fairly.