Thursday, July 24, 2008


Just left this on the The First Sex article at Wikipedia:

"I'd like to pass the following warning on to the owners of Wiki, and then I'm going to give up on this article and its virulent male 'contributors.'"

"Early Italian government experiments with electronic democracy demonstrated vividly the ability of bad contributors to drive non-strident non-mentally-ill contributors away—''only the loudest and least sensitive persons were left on the Italian system at its demise''." From the Chronicle of Higher Education."

Is it obvious I had nightmare experiences with trolls living 24/7 under the bridge at this article, just waiting to slash and burn any sane idea laid down on the pages there?

Oh, yeah! Tunsa fun!

On the other hand, maybe some masochistic reader of this blog would like to take a turn going over and duking it out with the darlings there. Morgaine Swann and I have already taken a turn, softened them up a bit.

Maybe if enough of us have a go at them, we can at least get Wiki to institute some kind of policy re: mental illness in contributors.

The worst over there is the dude SesquipedalianVerbiage (altho good old ses has a few aliases to protect the 'innocent').

I waltzed over to the site just now, and discovered that in the last five minutes, good old Ses had deleted a footnote that referenced my statement to Riane Eisler's The Chalice and the Blade. No explanation given -- just Poof! Footnote gone.

That's kinda nice, ya know? Usually good ol' Ses, with one gigantic sweep of his Mighty Mouse, deletes whole passages (all of them scholarly, documented, and some even specifically called for by Wiki administrators).

Remember: ya don't have to (and actually should not) defend The First Sex. You just need to make accurate statements about what Davis wrote in it, and what others have written about book.

ADDENDUM: Just danced over to Wiki's The First Sex article again (five minutes after finishing this post), and-- poof! My quote from the Chronicle of Higher Ed is gone.

Jeezum! Can't believ it took 'em five whole minutes to slash and burn a simple four-paragraph entry!

Sigh. I'll just end with this:

Please, please don't ever trust anything Wikipedia does on women, women's issues, or anything Christians don't like (women, women's issues, homosexuality, Paganism, goddesses, Wicca, who burned down the Library at Alexandria [we all know it was Christians who probably did it, but try to get that one to stick on Wiki!]).

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Dear Mama: ... HELP!

I'm just saying -- the world is in big-time need of deities pushing peace.

And what mama doesn't push peace? So it's clear as Windex: we need Mother Earth to promenade up from Her underground hideaway (or, She might have gone to the moon -- in which case She needs to float back down here ASAP).

And when She lands, we need Her to boot Yahweh, Allah, Jehovah, and all the other war gods (China, Russia, and Japan have them too) off to Mars.

Who could argue with this?

I mean, what crackerhead would be dweeby enough to blow this off?
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Monday, July 14, 2008


A few minutes ago, while I was writing the index for Switching to Goddess, this entry just popped out of my pen:

"Dark Ages: Goddesslessness as a cause of"

Never heard nor seen the word "Goddesslessness" before, but it feels useful to me.

Whaddja think? Does the world need this word right now? Is it too racy for a book index?
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Friday, July 11, 2008


Yesterday Duncan and I wound our way into the old-growth forest behind our house with two friends -- forest I adore, gift from Goddess.

But only a few minutes into the woods, one friend said:

"These woods are scary. Did you see the Blair Witch Project?"

I said no. He said, "If you'd seen the Blair Witch Project, you'd be scared too."

Instantly the multicolored balloons hovering over my head -- a multilayered excitement over sharing these woods -- all burst at once, as if my friend had popped each one all in the same second.

And instead of moving deeper into Goddess, we turned around and trudged back home.

And then there's this: One of the last Stephen King books I poked into was The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon -- about a young Maine girl battling for her life against Nature, which King turns into a devil/demon stalking this pre-teen for all of 250 pages.

I'm wondering: is our problem not valuing Nature? Or is it that many of us are gaga petrified of it?

Thursday, July 03, 2008


I can't believe what a blast it is to play with trolls! People always moan and groan about them, but I think they're adorable.

It's much more entertaining chitting around with them than it is working on the index I'm trying to write.

Like little fireflies, they dart in and out, trying to make waves in the air around you.

Reminds me of the time I was 10 and my brother was 6.

He'd sneak up behind me and give my arm a tweak with his forefinger. Although he knew he couldn't get away with just outright walloping me, he also knew that a small tweak was something I couldn't get any sympathy for, from Mom or Dad.

"You're older than he is," Mom would say. "Deal with it."

Ah, the good old days.


Here, at the specific request of certain trolls skanking under bridges at this site, are articles about how an excess of male hormones -- in both males and females*-- is associated with increased aggression:

"Aggression, Impulsivity, Plasma Sex Hormones, and Biogenic Amine Turnover in a Forensic Population of Rapists." Giotakos, Orestis, Markianos, Manolis, Vaidakis, Nikos, Christodoulou, George N. Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy; May/Jun2003, Vol. 29 Issue 3, p215-225.

"Testosterone poisoning." By: Alda, Alan. Ms., Spring 2002, Vol. 12 Issue 2, p35

"An Antidote for Testosterone Poisoning: YA Books Girls--and Boys--Should Read." by: Crowe, Chris. English Journal, v91 n3 p135-38 Jan 2002

This next article shows -- as the original post suggested -- testosterone-poisoned individuals, whether men or women [HELLO, DUDES. GET IT THIS TIME? MEN OR WOMEN? HOPEFULLY YOU WON'T MISS THE MESSAGE AGAIN], can be trained to overcome their disease:

"Testosterone, sexual offense recidivism and treatment effect among adult male sexual offenders." McKay, Alexander. Canadian Journal of Human Sexuality; 2005, Vol. 14 Issue 1/2, p43-44.

This article is about
"a study on testosterone, sexual offense recidivism, and treatment effect among adult male sexual offenders which appeared in the journal Sexual Abuse: A Journal of Research and Treatment.

"There is well established evidence that the hormone testosterone, with its active metabolite dihydrotestosterone, influences both aggression and sex drive in human males.

"The purpose of the study was to examine the relationship between serum testosterone and sexual violence in a sample of adult male sex offenders attending an in-hospital treatment program.

"The sample for the study consisted of 501 adult male sex offenders voluntarily admitted to the Phoenix Program, an inpatient sex offender treatment program in Edmonton, Alberta.

"The authors suggest that the findings indicate that testosterone levels are not just associated with aggression and sex drive as separate entities but also to sexual aggression specifically.

"When the analyses were conducted separately for those who completed the program and those who did not, an important finding emerged. That is, for those participants who completed the program, higher levels of testosterone was no longer predictive of the likelihood of sexually reoffending.

"In other words, the intensive group therapy provided by the program appears able to intercede in the influence of testosterone on sexually deviant behavior."
*The original post was about excesses of male hormones, in both men and women -- something that flew right over the heads of the trolls, even though they insisted they are all as smart as Socrates, and that they all read the post 100 times or more.


I delete posts containing profanity, scatalogical language, or failures to respect the human body or any function thereof.

I delete posts by people who fail to show respect for me or commenters here.

If I delete one of your posts, I probably won't even read your subsequent posts before crashing into that little trash can under your name.

I am starting a list now of people who will be deleted (I have a bad memory, and I want to remember these people):

o wtf? aka rob
o t-dub
o sadek
o warzauwynn (on probation for poor manners)


Today, on Echidne of the Snakes, I tried my hand at explaining why there's war -- and violent daddy/sky/war gods instead of Mother Goddesses:

Suzie, the major point is we're being held hostage by a largely unconscious set of cultural rules passed down from certain of our ancestors who lived with long-term starvation.

Today we behave just the way they did while starving.

All the ways we're different from, say, the Trobriand Islanders, or the aboriginal Hawaiians? Those ways look like the ways of starving people:

1. "The feeding of the self is the all-consuming passion" becomes our ranking the individual higher than the group.

2. "An indifference to the needs or pain of others" becomes our allowance of a perpetual class of poverty, and our warfare.

3. "Husbands leaving wives and babies to fend for themselves" becomes our men constantly going off to war, our deadbeat dads, and our God the Father -- a punitive, distant sky god versus the old Earth Mother who existed all around us in the trees, wind, soil.

4. "Older children gathering into gangs and stealing from those younger, the old and the sick" becomes our young, healthy males assuming the ace power positions in our societies; it becomes our child abuse, and our rape.

5. The starving person's "loss of interest in the pleasures of life" becomes our ideas on pleasures being sinful, and ritual flagellation being a high good. It becomes the taboo on warriors having sex with women before battle.

I could go on. Buy the book *Switching to Goddess* for a fuller explanation of all of this. Preorder it on Amazon now. *Saharasia* by the georgrapher DeMeo also deals with the topic.
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Wednesday, July 02, 2008


Oh, goody, goody, our possibly-testosterone-poisoned sample-guy left another comment on Sunday's post ("THE POISON WE Hate TO LOVE: TESTOSTERONE")!

This gives us even more information about the T-P'd -- possibly one of the most dangerous groups currently inhabiting the planet.

Turns out this possibly-testosterone-poisoned dude *was* the one on the right in the picture that went with that post. Believe it or not, he's the one who looks like he has a sense of humor!

(Life Lesson #1,234: the testosterone-poisoned can look fetching. #1,235: Don't ever bite into a cookie just because it looks good. Check the filling first.)

And turns out he does have a vocabulary beyond the 100-basic Indo-European word list! Unfortunately, in a fit of possibly testosterone-fueled fury, he slipped and let it be known that he thinks the Enlgish language originated a few centuries ago with Chaucer.

I hate to say it, but this does feed the popular notion that the T-P'd are a bit light in the brain.

Again, in this second sample of his writing too, he seems unable to stop himself from peppering his speech with scatology.

Also, he's obviously never heard of the common term "testosterone poisoning," suggesting others in his life have tried to shield him from his disease.

Interestingly, he thinks bloggers are confined by Strunk's Elements of Style. Excuse me for a moment (HA, HA, HAHHAHAHAHHHAAAA, HARDY, HARDY, HAR HAR HAR HAR hiccup hic). OK. Better now.

I shouldn't laugh. It's not his fault he's undereducated about blogging. *That* he can easily learn. The Poisoning on the other hand -- well, that, I think, is going to require professional help.

Note that this possibly-testosterone-poisoned person says he's friends with "the second private citizen in space." If that's true (and we need to remember we could be dealing here with a Poisoned brain), we begin to see the scope of the world's problem. The T-P have friends in verrrry high places.

He ends with a particularly poignant cry for help: "Get fucked you hippie bullshit artist and stop stealing the work of greater men."

Let's look carefully at this statement.

First, it is undoubtedly the result of a double-dose or more of testosterone flooding his brain, reducing him again to the 100 most primitive words in the English language (two of 14 of which are disrespectful terms for bodily functions, suggesting his repulsion re: the human body).

His mind seems so drowned in testosterone he's even forgotten my sex. And is it my imagination, or is he calling me a "*great* man"? I mean, he compares me to "greater men." Doesn't that make me -- at the very least -- a "great man"?

Which brings up another point: do the testosterone-poisoned, during a T-P fit, lose sight of the fact that genders other than their own exist?

Another clue, here: although he says he's read Sunday's post several times, he seems clueless that the post implicates women as well as men as T-P candidates.

Thanks to this poor guy, however, for clueing me in that *Switching to Goddess* comes across (but maybe only to the Poisoned?) as vanity-published. I wonder if that's because the T-P'd think that to publishers, those of us not T-P'd are totally invisible?

Could be that's part of the Poisoning.
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