Monday, June 30, 2008


This just in from Anne over at The Gods Are Bored:

Welcome to "The Gods Are Feverish!" I'm your host, Hot Annie. Pass the iced tea, please.

But wait. There's no ice.

Word just in from the Goddess Sedna that for the first time in recorded history, the North Pole will be open water this summer instead of solid ice.

Sedna tells me that Santa Claus's workshop just sank under the waves. Total loss.

Apparently Santa's been warned over the past few years that his workshop might be in danger of destruction, but he just ignored it. The only radio station that reaches the North Pole carries Fox Radio -- Rush Limbaugh,, so Santa thought global climate change was just something made up to cheat honest oil executives out of their hard-earned research money.
For the rest, tap those keys on over to The Gods Are Bored, HERE.

And, here's what others have to say on the matter: the BBC; MSNBC; Pravda; the Belfast Telegraph; the New York Times; The London Times;; Popular Mechanics;;; The Indpendent; redorbit; and last but certainly not least, Cousin Doris, who says, "Global warming is a Hoax."
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Just dropped off the following at Echidne of the Snakes' place:

"The real issue is, why do we have rapists at all? Most simpler societies don't.

"I think we live with something I call starvation culture, in which we behave just the way long-starving social groups do.

In starving groups, the feeding of the self is the all-consuming passion; the ability to feel the pain or needs of others is lacking; and packs of young people steal from children, the elderly, the sick and the disabled.

"Over the millennia, we starvation cultures have obliterated most of the world's healthy cultures.

"Rape is only one of dozens of ways our young men steal what doesn't belong to them. It is indicative of their inability to feel the pain of others.

"We're all in on this. No sense in getting mad at rapists. Until we deal with starvation culture, we're all just as guilty as they are."
For more on starvation culture, enter it into the search engine below.

Or, pre-order a copy of my book, Switching to Goddess: Humanity's Ticket to the Future*, which is not only about Goddesses, but also about how starvation culture lead to humanity's switch to the father/sky/war gods now threatening to wipe us off the planet.

(Oh. And I almost forgot. I also have a brand new website about Switching. Go HERE to see it.
* Publisher: O Books, Hampshire, UK; publication date Nov. 28, 2008.
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Sunday, June 29, 2008


I suspect being born with too much testosterone ... is like being born with any other disease: it creams you (not to mention your neighborhood).

Think rape, incest, assault and battery, Big Money, the military-industrial complex, Anne Coulter ("I'm more of a man than any liberal").

Depending on the skankiness of your case, you should be hospitalized from birth until you're cured.

And I'm talking, here, about males and females both. (Fascinating factoid # 1,234: chug on over to any jail, and you'll find more testosterone in the women's ward than in women outside.)

But ... can we tell yet how much testosterone the baby-you will get socked with at puberty?

Unfortunately, with testosterone, we might have to wait until teen time to intercept the overdosed.

Whaddja think? Right now, the testosterone-challenged are overrepresented in our jails. What if we caught them early and gave them extra training?

I suspect the Mother Goddess is saying, "ID these dudes early, and train them out of trouble!
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Go HERE to see a possible example of a testosterone-poisoned person named wtf?.

Friday, June 27, 2008


Where once stand proud land of America, now stand "Little China."

bush boy borrow, for war, almost trillion dollah from China.

First time in history Little China do war, no raise taxes.

Big Little-China people get tax cut, Little people starving for gas and food.

Big China pull rug out from under Little China?

Sad, sad story come to end, now

Chow, chow.
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Thursday, June 26, 2008


Letter to NBC:

I understand Kathy Lee Gifford made disparaging remarks about Pagans recently on the Today Show.

This is unacceptable, and certainly leaves a black mark in my mind when I think of the Today Show.

Paganism is a religion like any other, and it deserves the same respect given to other religions in this country.

Gifford should apologize for her remarks, just as she would be expected to apologize for oh, say, remarks like "Christians worship a primitive, desert warrior god that helps keep us constantly at war; all Christians should therefore be shipped to the moon."

Thank you for your time and attention to this matter.
Write your own letter and send it to
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Wednesday, June 25, 2008


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Monday, June 23, 2008


Why do men* in the post-Goddess world “colonize” women? Is it because they want more sex – and when they want it? Free housekeepers and cooks? More sons? (Not to mention ones they know are theirs, not Dickie’s down the street.)


Post-Goddess men colonize women for one reason and one reason only: they need reliable warrior-production machines.


1. Sex: Post-Goddess men don’t really like sex with women that much. All their myths shout out that women are just dying to devour their genitals. Samson and Delilah. Cuchulainn and Morrigan**. Any number of other mythical couples.

2. Housekeeping and cooks: Since when have “real” men given a hoot about a clean house or finely cooked food?

3. Sons important?! Men constantly abandon their families!

And what's sending the War Gods Jehovah and Allah into cardiac arrest? Men abandoning sons? Bushlet abandoning Katrina people?

Of course not.

What they’re shedding crocodile tears over are abortion and homosexuality – precisely the items that would jam up their warrior-production Machines.

In short, welcome to starvation culture, sweeties – where the sole pleasures are eating (beans out of a can? Hey, great!) and taking what doesn’t belong to you (raping, pillaging, molesting, stealing, enslaving, tricking, Going to War, and so on and on and on).
* I’M NOT TALKING ABOUT ALL MALES, here. I’m talking about “men.” Females too can be “men,” i.e., hold the same worldview “men” do.
**Leeming, Oxford Companion to World Mythology p. 157.
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Sunday, June 22, 2008


Oh. My. God.

It hit me today. What just might keep us from ever bouncing back to the Goddess.

It’s starvation culture.

I was defining starvation culture for my new weblog (which I’m told I need in order to sell Switching to Goddess), and it suddenly dawned on me:

Mother eats you.

That’s the final thing that happens in starving social groups. The mother-child bond lasts the longest, but in the end, even mothers dance off the deep end and begin to consume their own children for lunch.

Sorry. This is slimy.

But I think starvation culture is the lifeblood feeding almost every single one of our skankiest personal, local, and world problems today. And if I’m right, and if we love ourselves and each other, then we need to hold our noses and force ourselves to deal (with starvation culture, that is).

Go HERE to read my (short) explanation of starvation culture. (There’s a longer explanation in Switching to Goddess, which you can buy at the end of November. Or pre-order Switching today by clicking on the book cover to the right).

thnx to Melissa for the foto -- of what? -- Eve about to eat the apple of her eye? Arghhhh! Anyway, go HERE to see more of Melissa's work.

Saturday, June 21, 2008


The earth is Mother.

Your body is nothing but Earth, the Mother.

Your food is nothing but dirt and the minerals in it.

What else is there? You are nothing but dirt, nothing but the Mother.

With Her in your consciousness as the Divine, no way would you trash Her the way we’re doing now.
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Who are your fave male gods?

If you were on a sinking ship and could save only five gods, who would they be?
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Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Big Oil, duckies, is mewling around, now, arching its pretty neck and singing,

To cut prices at the pump, let’s suck all the oil out of Alaska!”

Excuse for a moment, please (HAHAHAHAHAHA, AHAHAHAHAHa HARDY, HAR -- sniffle, sniff -- BWA HAHAHA BWA HA!). Okay. Better now.

Can’t you just see it? We fall for this, (lie #1,234,567), they suck up all our oil – and ...

... sell it to China.

You know they will.

Not only will our pump prices stay static (or rise), we’ll have a wasteland where the Goddess’ green earth used to lie.
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Sunday, June 15, 2008


With the Goddess, punishment’s out, teaching’s in.

For Dubya, impeachment’s no good. Nuh-uh.

We need to rip up Dubya’s citizenship papers and send him ones from Iraq.

That way the boy could learn what it feels like when a booby bombs the bejeesus out of your homeland so’s to steal your stuff better.

He’d learn to live minus rights he’s tried to crush: habeas corpus*, the right to privacy, and – for many Americans – the right to water, electricity, and a safe place to sleep at night.

That boy George needs a bit of tough love from The Mother -- and he needs it fast.

And considering the tons he needs to learn, I’d say shipping him pronto to the cesspit he’s made out of that once proud nation, Iraq** would be just what the Mother might order.
*”Habeas corpus” just means No dude can lock you up without good reason. Used to be dudes could pitch your bod in jail and throw away the key. Without any reason, without telling anyone. King George wants to bring that back. It’s almost too weird to believe, but it’s true.
** Although Iraq’s going to bounce back someday. And when she does, she’ll hopefully be more centered than she is now around her ancient Guiding Goddesses.
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Friday, June 13, 2008

Oh, Goody, Goody!

If you’ve jumped up and down and said, “Goody, goody” about this weblog, you will definitely want a copy of my new book, Switching to Goddess: Humanity’s Ticket to the Future.

Switching’s index will make it easy as pudding to find all those lovable old Radical Goddess Thealogy characters: the Daddy War Lords, Con Dude, Auntie Athana, Jesus the Conditional Lover, YAJ the Great, and Jumpin’ Jehovah, for starters.

About the only person missing is Cousin Doris (sorry Doris, maybe next book).

Switching dances with pages about how the Goddess leads to peace, plenty, and pears and plums for breakfast.

It simmers with pages explaining how the gods have pushed the Goddess underground for a while, but how She’s bouncing back.

You can even pre-order the book right at this moment.

Tap your keys on over to and enter Switching to Goddess in the search box. Or, click on Switching’s cover picture to the right.

Auntie Athana promises you won't be sorry you did.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

SWITCHING to GODDESS: Table of Contents

1. We Are What We Worship
We Are What We Worship
Love No Matter What
Alice in Opposite Land
The Lucky Sex Is Born That Way
Whomped by War Gods
The Moderate Menace
How Do War Gods Lead to War?
Pitching the Baby with the Bathwater
Like It or Not, Religion’s Here to Stay
The God Called Science
Born Numskulls
Pick Your Spectacles
32c/21p Worth of Chemicals
Mommy, Daddy and the Science Guy
Deity Disarmament
A Shot of Something Smooth
Tend and Befriend
Killing the Urge
Grandma Didn’t Run
Time to Switch

2. Kissing Cousins
The Moso of Mother Lake
The Moso Guiding Mother Goddess
Mothers Are the Model
The Mysterious Basques
Shape Shifter
Dashing, Daring and Democratic
Risk Takers to Beat All Risk Takers
The Hopis of the American Southwest
The Hopi Mother Goddess
Freedom-Loving Power Sharers
Creative and Playful
Our Kissing Cousin the Bonobo
Hey Dudes, Chill, Will Ya?
Blocking the Oxytocin Fix

3. Good Times
Just Any Ol’ Goddess Won’t Do
Speaking of Time
Old Snapshots of the Guiding Goddess
Calling All Artists
Divine Catwoman
Great Mother of the Mountain
Crazy about Goddess — All Over the Globe
The Guiding Goddess at Catalhoyuk
Elsewhere in the Near East
India’s Mysterious Indus Valley
The Goddess in Neolithic Japan
Europe’s Great Guiding Goddess
Men and the Goddess
Europe in the Bronze Age: The Fab Minoans
But Are They Really Goddesses?
Go Directly to Jail, Do Not Pass Go
Tricky Dickies
Out-to-Lunch Ideas?
Cauvin Pooh-Poohs the Toy Notion
But in the End Most See the Light

4. Before Snoots, Snobs and Bully Boys
Did the Guiding Goddess Guarantee Utopia?
Ingmar Bergman’s The Seventh Seal
Our Ancestors: Playful and Creative
George Lucas and Ron Howard’s Willow
No Snoots in the Near East
No Snoots in the Indus Valley
No Snoots in Old Europe
No Snoots in Jomon Japan
Goddess Daredevils
Rich as Rockefeller
Only the Best – For Everyone
No Dictators, Despots or Bully boys
Guiding Goddessites: Ancient Techno Wizards

5. Before War
As Far as the Eye Can See: No War!
Biologically Built for War?
Before War in the Near East
Before War in the Indus Valley
Before War in Japan and Europe
The Myth That Underpopulation Means Peace
End of the Female Figurines

6. Bad Times
Who Popped Us in the Chops, Ma?
Europe in the Big, Black Box
Whomped Again in the Near East
The Rascals Run Roughshod Over the Indus Valley
Myce or Min?
In Japan, the Jomon Jump Ship
What Twisted Them into Monsters?
Where’d All This Dust Come From?
What’s That Spider Web Sitting on Your Head?
Help! I Can’t Stop Eating!
Birth of Daddy War God
Con Dude Goes to Town

7. Fight
Bounceback #1: The Return of Tiamat
Bounceback #2: Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better
Bounceback #3: 180 Degrees Backwards
Hel: Goddess Who Couldn’t Be Conquered
Stealing Her Magic
Bouncing Back All over the Place
Bounceback #4: A Bit of Goddess Back to Christians
Bounceback #5: God Dark Ages, Goddess Renaissance
Twenty-First-Century Bounceback

8. The Fix
A Vision
With a Little Magic, The Fix Would Be Simple
Around the World, Nations Switching
Switching at Home
Switching Hearts and Minds
Switching for Men
Switching to What?
“When God Wants War”
But We Haven’t All Gotten It Yet
Beating the Talking Drums, Getting the Word Out
Whadda We Say? How Do We Say It?
Congregation Revolution
Don’t Believe in Goddess. See If I Care
Calling All Manly Mother-Men
We Can’t Lose
But Time Is Running Out
We Can Do It By 2035
Money Can Be Part of the Mix in the Fix
Get Ready for the Big Daddy of All Backlashes

9. Home Again
In a Nutshell
All Signs Point to Switching
War to End All Wars
Have War God, Will War
Little Ones, Come Ye Unto Daddy War Lord
Jesus the Conditional Lover
Full of Hope
Ten Things I Can Do to Spread the Word
Luke Skywalker, Where R U?

A. Origin of Starvation Culture
B. War Gods Around the World
C. Questions from the Peanut Gallery
D. Possible Guiding Goddesses We Can Return To
E. Weblogs in the Closed Countries
F. World Religions
G. Things You Can Do to Flip the Switch
H. Web Directory
I. Goddess Reading List
J. Cruelty in the Bible: Short List

Picture Credits

GO HERE TO PRE-ORDER a copy of Switching to Goddess today. Or click on its book cover near the top, right-hand side of the screen.
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Can’t get tickets to the circus this summer?

Catch Scotty McClellan, on June 20, testifying under oath to Congress about what went on in the Bush White House. Should be on Cspan. Should be a hoot.
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Sunday, June 08, 2008

BARBARA WALKER Interviewed!!

This just in from Karen Tate, author of the Voices of the Sacred Feminine radio program. This Wednesday she'll interview one of the Great Mothers of the Goddess movement, Barbara Walker.

I don't know about you, but IMO, of all the grand leaders in the Goddess movement, Barbara Walker is the most reclusive and mysterious of them all. So this is something you won't want to miss!

The show begins at 6 pm on the Pacific Coast and 9 pm on the Atlantic. I'd advise to get to the radio site a little early to scope out how it works.

Greetings Goddess Advocates Everywhere....

If you missed Z. Budapest on Voices of the Sacred Feminine last Wednesday night at 6PM Pacific/9PM Eastern, then you are still in luck because our interview can be heard at your convenience from the Archives at PIVTR, Passionate Internet Voices Talk Radio. We had a jolly good time talking about Hillary, sexism, her legacy within the Women's Spirituality Movement, Pan Groups for Men's Mysteries.....and lots more!

And coming this Wednesday, June 11 - same time, same place - another leader of the Women's Spirituality Movement will share her thoughts - Barbara Walker. This is an awesome opportunity to hear this prolific author, known to so many of us studying about the Goddess over the decades. Barbara is not one to saturate the airwaves, so you won't want to miss this rare event!

Coming in the following weeks.....

June 18 -- 6PM -- Hillary Hart, Author of The Unknown She
June 25 -- 6PM -- Patrick McCollum, Prominent Wiccan Minister

And coming in August -- JEAN HOUSTON!
And coming in September -- Lady Olivia Robertson of the Fellowship of Isis.

"Voices of the Sacred Feminine" Radio Program LIVE EVERY WEDNESDAY 6pm Pacific or LISTEN from the ARCHIVES ANYTIME! OR

All the best -
Karen Tate

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Saturday, June 07, 2008


A big basket of thanks to Geraldine Charles, who sent this link from her ezine The Goddess Pages. It explains why we need to tell the Pew Research Study that if they lump the Goddess movement under the New Age movement again, we’re all going to hold our breaths til we turn BLUE.

“The Goddess vs. the New Age: Singing the Sacred Land,” by Jacqui Woodward-Smith (a director of UK's Glastonbury Goddess Temple), says the New Age Goddess is almost identical to YahwehAllahJehovah's* Mary, Mary Magdeline, and all the other sweet, limp-noodle women in the TalmudKoranBible.

The New Age goddess is

O Always young
O Always pretty
O Always ‘innocent’
O Always perky-breasted
O Always light, never dark
O Never the crone
O Never linked with earth, rot or mud (all required for growth and rebirth!)

A few plum cuts from the article:

I … went to a talk … where the speaker described the Crone as “ever beautiful, with an indigo cloak filled with moonbeams and starlight”! Where is the rot and death, the fucking, the shit and the mud? … How are we to understand our lives being torn apart and changed when we are shown a kindly old lady, rather than a powerful primal transforming force?

Monica Sjöö: “ … images of … the Goddess … acceptable in the New Age movement are the … sickly sweet ones …they want docile …Virgin Marys, sweetly smiling while the earth burns.”

The Crone (like the Whore) has retained much of Her primal power because She has been ignored by Christianity, who were able to ‘use’ and (temporarily) pacify the virgin/maiden and the mother ….

Monica Sjoo saw the New Age movement “… as paying lip service to the Goddess and the earth … whilst … stressing the need to become more ‘highly’ evolved and leave the Earth behind. This is the very antithesis of the message of the Goddess who asks us to rejoice in our physical form and in our incarnation on this beautiful planet.

When looking at Doreen Virtue’s ‘Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards' … there are no Crones … no big women, no old women, no ‘ugly’ women, no challenges, no real power. Even the African Goddesses have honey-coloured skin and Western features.
YahwehAllahJehovah, who many see as three separate gods, is really just one primitive SkyWar god from the Middle-Eastern desert.
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A powerfully down-to-earth Goddess as a Jewish mother is evoked in comedian Sherry Glaser’s performance “Oh my Goddess.”

She features Ma holding forth on the fate of creation since she took a 5000-year-long nap, leaving “your father” in charge of the kids.

He started acting like he’s the only God in the universe… and let you play with guns and bombs and missiles. Not in my house!” [“God’s better half just woke up, and boy is she mad.” Jessica Werner, San Francisco Chronicle, June 22, 2006]

Glaser told an interviewer that “we are way out of whack on earth, so if we restore the mother and serve, honor, protect, pleasure her, everything will be all right. I do believe that.”
The above came from an excellent article in Goddess Pages by Max Dashu. The article, which is part of a series, is "The Meanings of Goddess - Part 3: Essentialism or Essence? Out from the Land of Theory."

And let's hear a huge round of applause for Geraldine Charles, editor of Goddess Pages -- that ezine is just fabulous. The Summer edition also includes "Even Queens Need a Fairy Godmother," "Bloody Women! A Magical Experience of the Menstrual Cycle," and "Baba Yaga Stories" by Susun Weed.

Great going, Geraldine. Keep us the great work!

Getting back to Max's article: a lot of it is about how academics and feminists begin foaming at the mouth at the mere mention of 'Goddess.' Mention "Mother Goddess," and their eyes roll back into their heads, and the foam coming out of their mouths begins to turn green.

They squeak about Goddess and Mother Goddess being bogeymen who will turn all of us purple and warty in a trice. Their reasoning makes not one iota of sense, but here it is anyway: women are considered crackerheads, so even thinking about Goddess or Mother Goddess will devalue them (women) even more.

I know, I know. Makes no sense whatsoever. If someone’s a crackerhead, you pair hir with what ISN’T crackerhead. Don't you?

I mean, am I nuts here, or what? Talking about their divinity is going to re-value, not de-value women.

You don’t have to read any of the following (lifted from Max’s wonderful article) if you don’t want to, but it’s stuff I want to remember:

I’m alarmed about New Age commodification ... as Goddess culture gets popularized and marketed. Consumerist trendiness and prosperity consciousness corrupt what is genuine.... In more than a few cases, the rush toward “the divine feminine” literally does mean feminine in its most retrograde media form: ... thin, pretty, young, longhaired females, usually white, sticking their breasts out in unnatural positions.... They don’t appear powerful or present in their bodies, but tense, posed, and decorative...."

Myth and ritual have transformative power. Ifi Amadiume describes how Igbo [African] women use them in their oaths of solidarity at shrines, in women’s strikes and collective actions of calling men to account by making them eat fufu and swear oaths at the shrine of the goddess Ala. The Igbo Women’s War of 1929 drew extensively on ritual forms— processions, carrying wands, ceremonial dress of leaves—in its mass protest of British colonial taxes and puppet chiefs...

We’ve been treated to repeated academic warnings of the dangers of “goddess monotheism.” None of the writers flogging this threat concern themselves with the historical monotheism that restricted divinity to a single male god....

Many academic writers feel impelled to deplore the “essentialist” concept of a “mother goddess,” although goddesses were directly known by this title in numerous cultures. Isis notwithstanding, Lotte Motz insists that there was never any Mother Goddess, and goes so far as to claim that “mother” has nothing to do with Kybele’s titles of Great Mother (Magna Mater) and Mother of the Gods (Mater Deum). She writes, “no creature [!] could be further from the celebration of biological motherhood, and the title Magna Mater surely designates her as a great queen.” [Faces of the Goddess, p. 120] This is extreme even for goddess-averse academia….

None of this is to say that “mother” is the only signifier for Goddess.... There are creator goddesses, fates and lawgivers, immanent powers of land, sea, and sky, of fire or clouds, of animals and birds.... However, none of these categories are exclusive of “mother,” and in a great many traditions, this attribute mixes freely and frequently with the others, including some, such as warrior or destroyer, that conflict with the more conservative images of what “mother” might signify. If we look to indigenous religions, “mother” is a truly expansive concept, and a divine one.

The Gouandousou statues of the Bambara display the various and multivalent meanings of Goddess, including the kind academics routinely reject as untenably “essentialist” because of their connection to body mysteries: menstruation, pregnancy and lactation. This is “dangerous” terrain, both in animist terms and in the sexual politics of patriarchy. In Bambara culture (as for countless others) it is a terrain of female potency.

One final note about Max’s article: she’s drenched it with fab examples. In this case, it’s examples of dozens of cultures both past and present heavily saturated with rituals, beliefs, art, music and dance revolving around MOTHER GODDESS. Completely confounding, I’m sure, to all those so-called experts who contend people don’t worship female divinity.
thnx to NadiaRusso for the foto of the Goddess Oya; go HERE to see more of NadiaRusso's work.

Friday, June 06, 2008

The “No Girls LEFT BEHIND, Boys Can Go Suck” Program

According to MSNBC, in Detroit only 24.9% of students are now making it through high school.

The high school graduation rate was higher in the days of dinosaurs, when kids walked 100 miles both ways over frozen tundra to learn reading, writing and wooly hyena hunting.

And the media is aghast lately at how boys in particular are falling behind in school, with girls using them to mop up the floor.

Has anyone pointed out the obvious? Of course it’s Dubya’s brilliant, unfunded “No Child Left Behind” program, or more to the point, the “No Girls Left Behind, Boys Can Go Suck” Program (NGLB-BCGS Program) that's "behind" all this (no pun intended).

Only someone a total flop in school (Dubya) would push a national school agenda as destined for failure as the NGLB-BCGS Program.

In the book I just finished The Wednesday Night Witches – one of the main characters muses about a possible connection between No Child Left Behind and the popular Fundie book series, Left Behind, about the apocalypse and who gets to fly to heaven with Jesus and who’s left behind to fry.

The main character, a school teacher, finally breaks out of her stupor and does something creative – at which point her class finally begins to learn things.

Guess with Dubya it’s boys he wants to Leave Behind to fry.

Maybe he shoulda had a few sons insteada all daughters?

Anyway, Goddess help us all in 20 years when the dropouts step up smilingly to remove your gall bladder, build our nuclear reactors, and run the country.
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As much as I love you, Natalie, you’re dead-ringer wrong on this one:

People ruthless, people cruel
The damage that some people do
Full of hatred, full of pride
It's enough to make you lose your mind

I know that it will hurt
I know that it will break your heart
The way things are
The way they've been
And the way they've always been
Natalie, things have not always “been this way.”

When the Goddess reigned, people were sane and decent. Life was sweet (for everyone, not just a few).

It’s only after the sky & war gods ripped into our lives that things turned twisted and busted.

You need to write a new song, Natalie.

These sky/war warts seemed to pop up first around 4000 BC, east and north of the Mediterranean Sea. (Read: “the birth of the state,” and “Proto-Indo-Europeans”)

After that, the wart-god peoples began pounding on the Goddess peoples. The Goddess peoples dove underground, which is where those still remaining are today (for example, the Moso/Mosuo of China).

I'll be watching for your new song, Natalie. Thnx in advance for writing it.
and thnx to niljadee for the foto; go HERE to see more.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

HE Worries ME

What worries me about Barack Obama:

Everybody knows Republicans own the American media.

And the American media is pushing Obama like a preacher pushes offering plates.

So what’s up with that?
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Monday, June 02, 2008


What’s the Goddess trying to tell me, luvvies? Last month I met LuAnn, whose great, great, great etc. grandmother was hung as a witch on an island off Maine.

This week I accidentally flipped to this old drawing in an 1891 book of poems by Whittier. The poem’s about the daughter of an actual 1600s MA woman hung for witchcraft. Go HERE to read it.

BTW,the book about Luann and her grandmother, The Wednesday Night Witches? Metacool. In places I laughed til I cried. The writing was fresh and exciting. I'm not so sure however how much the author (Lee Nichols) knows about Wicca -- she has the Evil stuff rising up from inside the Earth!

Sunday, June 01, 2008


I went to the Grandmothers a few days ago in deep distress.

"Grandmothers," I said, …..They are burning
people alive in South Africa. …. People in this country are losing their jobs and homes, China and Myanmar are suffering terribly and the war in Iraq goes on and on....”

The Grandmothers sat on the ground before me, and as I stepped into their circle, spherical waves began to spin around ….

"Anchor yourself," they said…. I saw a wine opener--turning and turning, as it screwed itself into the earth, and as I watched, it was I who was becoming deeply fastened to the Mother.

"Screw yourself deeply to Mother Earth and watch from there," the Grandmothers said. "You won’t be swept away or react to the changes sweeping across the world, and neither will you lull yourself into false security by ignoring the obvious.

"Anchored like this, you will be immune from the panic that is gripping much of the world," they said. "…

…"Give love. Dive into life and serve wherever you can," they said.... “Do not back off now and huddle fearfully in the dark. Dive in!"
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