Wednesday, December 07, 2016

walking INTO TREES

He promised the swamp would be drained,
Was elected, said “Rain!” and it rained,
And the old crocodiles,
Wore flesh-eating smiles,
And the turtles were well entertained.


A minority of the [American] electorate goes for the loosest and least knowledgeable candidate [for US President], certain that … their votes will be only … a middle finger to Washington, 

...And then — whoa. The joke comes true. You put a whoopee cushion on your father’s chair and he sits down and it barks and he has a massive coronary.


And now we sit and watch in disbelief as the victor drops one piece of china after another, spits in the soup, sticks his fist through a painting and gobbles up the chocolates.


He stages a ... victory tour … where he can waggle his thumbs and smirk and holler and point out the journalists in their pen for the mob to boo and shake their fists at.


Meanwhile, the Democrats wander in the woods, walking into trees. … a lackluster black Muslim congressman from Minneapolis is a leading candidate for chair of the Democratic National Committee, the person who will need to connect with disaffected workers in Youngstown and Pittsburgh.

Why not a ballet dancer or a Buddhist monk?

[And] the emperor-elect parades in the nude while his congressional courtiers admire him and the nation drifts toward the rapids.

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