Thursday, November 19, 2015


My Dear Muslim Children,

I love you to pieces, I do.

But it's time your religion paddled on down the creek and into the sunset.

Please go hook up with some other religion, ASAP -- preferably one headed up by a goddess.

If that doesn't float your boat, however, then almost any other religion will do (except of course the other Abrahamaic religions, Christianity and Judaism -- as cousin religions to Islam, they share many of its seedy ways).

Look at it from our perspective, us non-Muslims (we still make up the majority, ya know):

o WOMEN:  You really don't dangle enough carrots in front of women.  The best of you fail to welcome women into your houses of worship, and the worst of you beat the fair sex daily and perform surgery on them when they're infants, dumping them into lifetimes of pain.  Really.  This is way over the top.

o CONVERSION:  One of your main aims is to squeeze the rest of us into your mold -- and some of you are willing to do this by hook or by crook.  Please.  What makes you think the rest of us are going to stand still for this for long?

o BABIES, BABIES & MORE BABIES:  You are flooding the world with babies.  Your birthrate shoots out into the stratosphere.  This is crowding out the rest of us.  

o SLASH & BURN:   Like no other religion I've ever witnessed, your holy books pitch you toward violence.  This is neither good for you nor the rest of us.  You know what major world capital I'm thinking of.

You know, dearest Muslims, if your background is Middle Eastern you used to have some fairly fab Goddesses leading your pack back when.  Why not go look them up?  They might be willing to take hold of the reins again for you.