Friday, February 29, 2008

Blowing MY COVER

Wow! I have a cover! I am covered!

Well, not really. Not anymore. Because now, partly at least, you know what Athana's "real" name is.

But since I haven't decided yet whether to put my full name on the cover of this book, you'll just have to buy a copy to get the full scoop.

To buy Switching on or at, go to either site on or after November 28 -- the day the book makes its grand debut.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

HAPPY Goddesses

Too many goddesses to shake a stick at, sweeties! Let’s look at the happy ones today:

Euphrosyne (Greek goddess). Goddess of Joy and one of the three graces. She is the happy smiling one, bubbling over with laughter.

Hotei (Japanese Shinto-goddess). Hotei is a Japanese god of happiness, laughter and the wisdom of contentment.

Iambe (Greek goddess). In Greek mythology, Iambe was an old woman who made Demeter smile or laugh when the latter was mourning the loss of her daughter, Persephone. She was a daughter of Echo and Pan. She was the first priestess of Demeter.

Uzume (Japanese goddess). Japanese god of Laughter and Merriment
And last but not least by any means, the totally scatalogical Goddess Baubo:

Baubo (Greek goddess). Baubo appears in the story of Demeter & Persephone. Demeter was very sad at the abduction of Perspephone, and wandered the land in mourning, fury and despair. She would not let anything grow and the other gods were becoming desperate. Then Baubo appears: she has pendulous breasts with eyes for nipples, and she speaks from her vulva. Baubo swings herself onto the well by which Demeter sits grieving, and begins to tell Demeter rude jokes with her fanny. Demeter eventually starts laughing and they both sit and laugh, and from that moment on, Demeter allows living things to grow again.
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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

10 Reasons I’m backing Hillary

1. She’s tough & can survive a fave Republican trick: hitting below the belt.

2. She’s a fighter; Barack hasn’t had a chance to fight anywhere yet.

3. She has solutions; Barack has “change” but won’t say how he’ll get there.*

4. She’s smart; Barack won’t debate her (because he knows he’ll lose?).

5. Bill’s behind her; and Bill gave us a budget surplus, remember?

6. On the other hand, she’s NOT Bill, and she’s dead set against NAFTA.

7. To show the media they can’t blackball our presidential candidates.

8. She’s sponsored more legislation against climate change than all others.

9. She’s shown she has a mother’s unconditional caring for all people.

10. Men have made “a proper mess of things”**; let’s give women a chance.
* As John McCain calls it, “an eloquent but empty call for change.” [in a speech shown on C-Span, 2/20/2008]
** Archbishop Desmond Tutu, recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize: “Our earth home and all forms of life in it are at grave risk. We men have had our turn and made a proper mess of things. We need women to save us” (Bolen, Urgent Message from Mother: Gather the Women, Save the World. 2005: 97, front matter).
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Monday, February 18, 2008


'I can’t get a job, I have no money, I can’t get married, what can I say?' For Mr. Sayyid and other young Egyptians, religious fervor offers an answer...." For more go HERE, to the New York Times.
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Friday, February 15, 2008


It’s true that Devil worship, or “Satanism,” seems to be a growing problem -- among American teens at any rate.

Devil worship, however, is not a Pagan, but a Christian phenomenon.

The Devil is a Christian, not a Pagan deity.

And Devil worship – a serious social problem – is with us only because Christians are.

I mean, if they had no picture of Satan already sitting in their heads, put there by Christianity, how could people dance around as “Satanists”?

As for the ugly things today’s teens do in Satanic cults, most seem to have been invented by Christian Inquisition priests, in order to scare Christians and keep them in line.
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Allowing our C students lunch, recess, visits to the school nurse -- and even toilet paper!

If we really cared about our children, we wouldn’t be so heartless.

For their own good, they need to learn early on what America’s all about.

In America, if you’re lazy (i.e. get Cs or low-paying jobs after you graduate), you don’t deserve food, fresh air, health, or toilet paper!

Everybody knows that!!

Worse yet, look what we’re doing to our A students!

Surely they should be prepped for the lives they’re destined to lead as insurance company CEOs.

We have no schools in this country treating these hard-workers the way they deserve: with, for example, transportation to school on Walt Disney Corp. jets fitted with solid-gold bathroom fixtures, and Minnie Mouse serving milkshakes and M&Ms all the way home!

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Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Even among Pueblo Indians today, “motherness” pumps the brain full of “something other than the kind of sentimental respect for motherhood that is reflected in American's Mother's Day…. It is ritually powerful…. So central to ritual activities is it in Indian cultures that men are honored by the name mother...."

From Gunn Allen, The Sacred Hoop, Boston: Beacon Press, 1992.

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Tuesday, February 12, 2008


No, I’m not saying burn books fascist fashion. I’m calling on good Christian men to burn their own Bibles.

Obviously it’s moderate males who need to start this process.

Christians like to follow dudes with education, money and social status – and that’s you, moderate Christian men.

Oh. Not into burning your Bibles? Could you just revamp them then? Leave out the killing, war, warriors, burning, stoning, revenge, retribution, masochism, sadomasochism, vengeance, slaying, jealousy, pestilence, plucking out eyes, cutting off feet, casting people into hell fire, swine choking in the sea, infants dashed on rocks, pregnant women “ripped up,” drinking the blood of princes, and women cannibalizing their children (Lamentations 4:10)?*

Oh. You say what you’d have would be a two-page pamphlet so BOOOOR-ing no one would buy it?

That is a problem.
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*For a "short list" of cruelty in the Bible, go HERE (WARNING: even the short list will take you an hour to read, so give yourself plenty of time before sailing over for the visit).

Saying IT BEST

In their article “What Is This Thing Called Love?” in New Scientist (Vol. 190, Issue 2549, 2006), Anderson and Middleton say it best:

Of all the forms of love, none seems as deep, strong, selfless or enduring as the love of a mother for her child, nor is any other bond so ubiquitous in the animal kingdom.”
With this kind of love as our model, how could we miss?
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Monday, February 11, 2008

Licentiousness AND THE GODDESS

“Isn’t Goddess religion a pagan religion? And aren’t pagans sexually licentious?”

Originally “pagan” was a nasty label tacked onto people by YAJ* so his faithful knew who to take pot shots at.

It was like wearing uniforms in a war: you hafta have ‘em so you know who to kill and who not to.

So a pagan was simply someone smart enough not to follow YAJ.

Are pagans “sexually licentious”?

Of course not. “Licentiousness,” which means “pursuing desires aggressively and selfishly, unchecked by morality, especially in sexual matters” (Encarta ® World English Dictionary 1998-2004), is a word I feel far more comfortable attaching to YAJ* followers than to Goddess devotees.

Just check out the nightly news on the subject of YAJ* clerics molesting women and children.

The Goddess demands that we all enjoy to the fullest the senses She gave us.

Although there are no statistics on the matter (that I know of at least), my guess is that Goddess followers enjoy healthy, loving, delightful sex significantly more often than war-god YAJ followers do.
*The war god Yahweh/Allah/Jehovah (actually one god, not three)

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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

THE VAMPIRE ELITES (& the rest of us)

Here’s a mathematician after my own heart, speaking forth on the 6000-year-old war between the Haves and the Have-Nots (i.e., 99.999999% of us). (Thanks to Morgaine over at The-Goddess for the link):

There is ONLY ONE WAR on this planet, and it’s the 6,000 year old war between the 0.5% vampire elites (or "Have's") and over 6 billion human cattle (and counting). Just think about that. It's like an incurable virus or bacterium that has infected humanity for thousands of years and all we do is KEEP DYING FROM IT.

Except THIS virus is not invisible. To the contrary, the vampire elites live like Greek Gods and they have multiple palaces/mansions and servants to prove it.

Probably the biggest scam the astronomically rich 0.5% of the human race now use to keep a low profile is to theorize a "wealth continuum.” You know, some people are rich and some people are poor. So what? Isn't that just life?

No, it's absolutely not "just life" a mathematician would say, since the wealth of the vampire elites is a "different order of magnitude" from the relative insect wealth of even so-called rich people. For example, the counting numbers are a trivial infinity compared to the "unaccountably" infinite irrational numbers. Forgive this mathematical aside, but hopefully it helps to prove the vampire elites aren't just "rich people"; they are totally different life forms who live in a totally different reality!

Forget about all that rich and poor stuff and contemplate an EXISTENTIALLY DIFFERENT HUMAN SPECIES….

For more go HERE; you won’t be sorry you did.
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This morning I woke to find an email from Goddess author Vicki Noble* in my mailbox. Here's part of it:

Hillary stands her ground.

Until recently, I seriously doubted that she would be any different from anyone else in the White House (look at Condoleesa Rice), figuring that when women rise to the top of the male-dominated pyramid of power, they kind of have to become pseudo-men....

But, I confess that a year or two ago I began putting Hillary's image on my Dakini collages, especially ones I made as offerings to the Black Dakini, and I thought at the time that was uncharacteristically hopeful of me. It was my inner mind at work, I think, preparing me in advance for this whole-hearted support I'm beginning to feel for her in this presidential race....

My support has to do with the way she has withstood the indignities of the public scrutiny she has had to endure over the years. (They don't like her hair, they don't like it that she doesn't bake cookies, just give me a break.) No matter what level of ruthless misogyny (woman-hating) is directed at her, she rises above it. She "subdues the demons with splendor." She gets bigger than her adversaries. She stays herself and keeps the focus. She is smart and funny, and for some profound reason that I doubt very much has to do with "power," she wants to be president and try to make a difference.

What woman would want to do this? A Dakini, that's who. A woman with a global mission, born to manifest herself (even sacrifice herself) in service to the world.
Me? I’m purely selfish. I want a person with enough power to mop up the lethal mess Bushy's left in his wake (especially re: climate change and WMD), and with enough ferocity to fight the snarling beast the Republican Party has morphed into.
And somehow the power-team of Hillary and Bill come to mind. Barack and Michelle Obama, Goddess love them, have almost no experience, and although Barack is exactly the kind of guy we all want to live next door to, does he have the speed, agility and smarts to dodge the axe that’s about to be pitched at the head of the Democratic nominee?
*Vicki is author of several books on the Goddess including Shakti Woman: Feelling Our Fire, Healing Our World and Motherpeace: A Way to the Goddess through Myth, Art and Tarot.
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