Saturday, September 26, 2015


It's time for the non-Abrahamaic world to gang up on the Children of Abraham*.  

These kids have no right to take over and then destroy the planet, but that's what they're doing.  

It's time for someone to step up and unite us.  Someone to make us see that we have a common and deadly enemy.  

Someone to lead us in getting rid of this enemy -- an enemy that has been riding riot through the world like the deep black Devil on steroids.  

In the first and second millennia AD the Children of Abraham hacked apart the indigenous peoples of Europe.  In the second millennium they split and skewered the indigenous Americans, North Africans and Middle Easterners.  Near the end of the second millennium they began feasting like Bengal tigers on Asians.  

With a violent, conquering war deity dragging them around by their noses, why wouldn't the Children of Abraham become violent, conquering warriors?  Of course they would, have and are.  Duh!  

But they're also fellow human beings, so we need to love them.  They've been eaten alive by the cancer that is their creed, the rules of their cult.  They didn't ask to have this creed and cult dredged into their heads, shoved down their throats.  They are victims.  

So, chop chop, people.  

Who's going to step up and take charge?  We need goals, objectives and plans of action. Let's get moving. Time to shake, rattle and roll! 
* The "Children of Abraham" are those who worship the god of Abraham -- Christians, Muslims and Jews (many think he's three gods but he's actually just one).  

Monday, September 07, 2015


So schizoid is the god of Abraham (or “YAJ”* as I like to call him) that he talks to himself all day long – and he’s not very nice to himself, either:

Allah to Jehovah:You stink, you pile of dodo dung.”

Jehovah to Allah:No, you stink, you tub of toe jam.”    

Allah to Jehovah: I didn’t wipe you out during the Crusades, but I’m sending you a million A-lover refugees as we speak,** to swamp you out -- you piece of _rse-wipe.”

Jehovah to Allah:Oh yeah?  Why don’t your A-lovers in Qatar take in all your A-loving refugees, pile of duck doodoo?  Qatar’s the richest country on earth*** and they haven’t taken in one single A-lover refugee.”

Allah to Jehovah: Because A-lovers are too smart to take in extra mouths to feed, pile of ripe rhino droppings.” 

Jehovah to Allah: Your *&^*(*)_% A-lovers breed like flies!”****

Allah to Jehovah:   (looking smug): “That’s right, buffalo breath!  And by 2060, they’ll outswamp your J-lovers for sure!  Put that in your big, fat cow-pie pipe and smoke it for a day or two!”

And so on.


* "YAJ" is short for Yahweh/Allah/Jehovah, who, contrary to popular opinion is not three, but one and the same deity.

** In 2015, Germany alone expects to receive 800,000 refugees -- four times what it took in 2014.  Most will be Allah-lovers from Syria.  (From "Europe's Migrant Acceptance Rates," The Economist)