Saturday, January 28, 2017

drilling DOWN ON TRUMP

As Goddess-loving humans, how can we trap Trump and plop him into a cage?   

For the well-being of Mother Earth and Her children, I know we all agree that DT must be tripped up fast.

The Donald is not evil or mean – he’s just mentally ill.  Most people in the know call it Narcissistic Personality Disorder, or “NPD.”

NPD makes Donald crave love and approval the way a drowning man craves air.  To get love he’ll literally do anything, including trying to drown would-be rescuers. 

Already I see cracks in The Donald’s face.  For the past week he’s gone through a Trump-Hotel-full of female contempt and disgust (the Women’s Marches), and it’s eating into him like lye eating into a pig’s skin.  

Solution?  Keep showing him we loathe his behavior worse than kids loathe dentists' drills.  In no time flat this will shrink him into an impotent puddle of butter. 

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