Monday, June 23, 2008


Why do men* in the post-Goddess world “colonize” women? Is it because they want more sex – and when they want it? Free housekeepers and cooks? More sons? (Not to mention ones they know are theirs, not Dickie’s down the street.)


Post-Goddess men colonize women for one reason and one reason only: they need reliable warrior-production machines.


1. Sex: Post-Goddess men don’t really like sex with women that much. All their myths shout out that women are just dying to devour their genitals. Samson and Delilah. Cuchulainn and Morrigan**. Any number of other mythical couples.

2. Housekeeping and cooks: Since when have “real” men given a hoot about a clean house or finely cooked food?

3. Sons important?! Men constantly abandon their families!

And what's sending the War Gods Jehovah and Allah into cardiac arrest? Men abandoning sons? Bushlet abandoning Katrina people?

Of course not.

What they’re shedding crocodile tears over are abortion and homosexuality – precisely the items that would jam up their warrior-production Machines.

In short, welcome to starvation culture, sweeties – where the sole pleasures are eating (beans out of a can? Hey, great!) and taking what doesn’t belong to you (raping, pillaging, molesting, stealing, enslaving, tricking, Going to War, and so on and on and on).
* I’M NOT TALKING ABOUT ALL MALES, here. I’m talking about “men.” Females too can be “men,” i.e., hold the same worldview “men” do.
**Leeming, Oxford Companion to World Mythology p. 157.
thnx to what_milk's for the foto; go HERE to see more.

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