Monday, July 14, 2008


A few minutes ago, while I was writing the index for Switching to Goddess, this entry just popped out of my pen:

"Dark Ages: Goddesslessness as a cause of"

Never heard nor seen the word "Goddesslessness" before, but it feels useful to me.

Whaddja think? Does the world need this word right now? Is it too racy for a book index?
thnx to windowseat for making this foto open for all to use and see


Debi Crow said...

I love that word! It neatly sums up the problem, if you see what I mean. What's wrong here? It's Goddessless.

Ooh I love me a new word to play with now and again!

Athana said...

My sentiments exactly, debi. One little package, saying so much. Instead of "Because we don't have the Goddess anymore," we could say instead, "Because of Goddesslessness."

BBC said...

Whaddja think?

I think that this world has got a lot less Goddesslessnes, especially the horny Goddess types.

They have just gotten too self centered on other stupid crap.

And it's spirit, not God, but that name damn sure isn't going away, it's been around to long. And it's caused way too many damn problems.

Morgaine said...

I love the word - it's the saddest word in the world, if you think about it. Goddesslessness - lacking love, acceptance, warmth, touch, sensuality, community - such loneliness. No wonder we're so messed up. I prescribe large doses of Goddess all around!

Anonymous said...

Yes, YES! My word for the week.