Thursday, July 03, 2008


I delete posts containing profanity, scatalogical language, or failures to respect the human body or any function thereof.

I delete posts by people who fail to show respect for me or commenters here.

If I delete one of your posts, I probably won't even read your subsequent posts before crashing into that little trash can under your name.

I am starting a list now of people who will be deleted (I have a bad memory, and I want to remember these people):

o wtf? aka rob
o t-dub
o sadek
o warzauwynn (on probation for poor manners)


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Athana said...

Hi, slightly-less.

You've been deleted for accusing me of being testosterone poisoned.

Debi Crow said...

Hi Athana

Good policy! It can be fun to play with trolls for a while, but it was threatening and abusive trolls that led me to close down my old blog (The Burning Times) it can certainly become...less fun.

I love your blog and some of your posts are truly enlightening, I'm glad I found you - so I hope you are not letting the trolls get to you at all as when they want to they can really make blogging hell.

There's probably not much point telling you this, but if you were on Wordpress, you would be able to see commenter's IP addresses and it allows you to list IP addresses you want to ban - a simple way of keeping the trolls at bay.

Hope you're okay
Debs xxxxx

Athana said...

Sorry to hear about your blog, debi. What happened, exactly?

Anonymous said...

Athana: Yes I did. But only after you did the same to others and on no greater evidence than I.