Thursday, July 03, 2008


Today, on Echidne of the Snakes, I tried my hand at explaining why there's war -- and violent daddy/sky/war gods instead of Mother Goddesses:

Suzie, the major point is we're being held hostage by a largely unconscious set of cultural rules passed down from certain of our ancestors who lived with long-term starvation.

Today we behave just the way they did while starving.

All the ways we're different from, say, the Trobriand Islanders, or the aboriginal Hawaiians? Those ways look like the ways of starving people:

1. "The feeding of the self is the all-consuming passion" becomes our ranking the individual higher than the group.

2. "An indifference to the needs or pain of others" becomes our allowance of a perpetual class of poverty, and our warfare.

3. "Husbands leaving wives and babies to fend for themselves" becomes our men constantly going off to war, our deadbeat dads, and our God the Father -- a punitive, distant sky god versus the old Earth Mother who existed all around us in the trees, wind, soil.

4. "Older children gathering into gangs and stealing from those younger, the old and the sick" becomes our young, healthy males assuming the ace power positions in our societies; it becomes our child abuse, and our rape.

5. The starving person's "loss of interest in the pleasures of life" becomes our ideas on pleasures being sinful, and ritual flagellation being a high good. It becomes the taboo on warriors having sex with women before battle.

I could go on. Buy the book *Switching to Goddess* for a fuller explanation of all of this. Preorder it on Amazon now. *Saharasia* by the georgrapher DeMeo also deals with the topic.
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Pretty brave, going into the lion's den like that. Good for you, Sister!