Wednesday, July 02, 2008


Oh, goody, goody, our possibly-testosterone-poisoned sample-guy left another comment on Sunday's post ("THE POISON WE Hate TO LOVE: TESTOSTERONE")!

This gives us even more information about the T-P'd -- possibly one of the most dangerous groups currently inhabiting the planet.

Turns out this possibly-testosterone-poisoned dude *was* the one on the right in the picture that went with that post. Believe it or not, he's the one who looks like he has a sense of humor!

(Life Lesson #1,234: the testosterone-poisoned can look fetching. #1,235: Don't ever bite into a cookie just because it looks good. Check the filling first.)

And turns out he does have a vocabulary beyond the 100-basic Indo-European word list! Unfortunately, in a fit of possibly testosterone-fueled fury, he slipped and let it be known that he thinks the Enlgish language originated a few centuries ago with Chaucer.

I hate to say it, but this does feed the popular notion that the T-P'd are a bit light in the brain.

Again, in this second sample of his writing too, he seems unable to stop himself from peppering his speech with scatology.

Also, he's obviously never heard of the common term "testosterone poisoning," suggesting others in his life have tried to shield him from his disease.

Interestingly, he thinks bloggers are confined by Strunk's Elements of Style. Excuse me for a moment (HA, HA, HAHHAHAHAHHHAAAA, HARDY, HARDY, HAR HAR HAR HAR hiccup hic). OK. Better now.

I shouldn't laugh. It's not his fault he's undereducated about blogging. *That* he can easily learn. The Poisoning on the other hand -- well, that, I think, is going to require professional help.

Note that this possibly-testosterone-poisoned person says he's friends with "the second private citizen in space." If that's true (and we need to remember we could be dealing here with a Poisoned brain), we begin to see the scope of the world's problem. The T-P have friends in verrrry high places.

He ends with a particularly poignant cry for help: "Get fucked you hippie bullshit artist and stop stealing the work of greater men."

Let's look carefully at this statement.

First, it is undoubtedly the result of a double-dose or more of testosterone flooding his brain, reducing him again to the 100 most primitive words in the English language (two of 14 of which are disrespectful terms for bodily functions, suggesting his repulsion re: the human body).

His mind seems so drowned in testosterone he's even forgotten my sex. And is it my imagination, or is he calling me a "*great* man"? I mean, he compares me to "greater men." Doesn't that make me -- at the very least -- a "great man"?

Which brings up another point: do the testosterone-poisoned, during a T-P fit, lose sight of the fact that genders other than their own exist?

Another clue, here: although he says he's read Sunday's post several times, he seems clueless that the post implicates women as well as men as T-P candidates.

Thanks to this poor guy, however, for clueing me in that *Switching to Goddess* comes across (but maybe only to the Poisoned?) as vanity-published. I wonder if that's because the T-P'd think that to publishers, those of us not T-P'd are totally invisible?

Could be that's part of the Poisoning.
thnx to simon davison for the foto; go HERE for more.


Anne Johnson said...

I hope my EZ Pass is paid up when I come to that troll's bridge.

Athana said...

Amen to that, anne.

Anne Johnson said...

Dear Rob,

Clearly you are intelligent enough to craft responses to web log entries. Therefore you must also know that photos posted on the Internet without special protection (which professional photographers and artists use all the time) can be snipped from their original locations and placed *wherever.* If you want to see pictures of yourself and your friends on the Internet, but not allow these pictures to leave your space, I suggest you ask someone to help you protect your images from unsolicited usage with the proper encryption package.

Given the nature of the photograph you want to guard so zealously, I would remove it from the Internet entirely if I were you, because its very nature is likely to appeal to any number of people looking for a ... shall we say ... unconventional portrait.

The Internet is a public bulletin board, not a private photo album. Knowing the difference will save you the time and trouble of leaving long, angry comments on peoples' web logs and other communal sites.

Have a lovely weekend.

Anonymous said...

Anne -

Actually, the original photographer does indeed own sole rights to any and all works of his or hers that they post on the internet. Photos posted on the internet, in many cases, can NOT just be "snipped from their original locations and placed whereever" without the photographer's consent. It happens a great deal, sure, it's very hard to monitor, and unless money is involved, legal authorities aren't going to lose sleep over it. But it can certainly violate copyright laws which, should the photographer (or author, composer, whatever) protest the unauthorized use of their work - the law does side with them.

I did a quick search for information, some links:

If the author of this blog had been discussing photography, and as such the composition of the photograph itself, I believe she would have been covered under "fair use". But as it is, she overstepped her legal bounds, and trod on the photographer's ability to protect his work.

Though you are correct in that the surest way one has to protect their work IS to keep said work offline. But even so, she really should have asked first. She, nor anybody, has any real right to grab whatever they'd like for their personal use.

Athana said...

t, you're reasonably respectful in this comment, so I'm going to allow it to stay.

Athana said...

Dear t,

I don't want "reasonably" respectful here.

Athana said...

t, "You just want to preach harmful and hateful ramblings, promoting gender segregation, and/or female dominance" is not something I'd expect a guest in my house to say to me. Especially someone I'd just met. So it's the trash can again for you, bud.

Anne Johnson said...

I know that bloggers use image material that is the "sole right" of its users. I also know that it's a copyright infringement. I also know that it's difficult to police this infringement due to the lavish worldwide nature of the Internet. I also know that there are programs that people can use to keep others from lifting images and using them without consent. Newspapers use these programs to protect their photos, artists use these programs to protect their work. Flickr isn't going to do it for you. And that was my original message.

Morgaine said...

Wow - sorry I missed all the fun! Write me when you have time, Athana and I'll tell you my secret for dealing with Trolls.

Anyway, Flickr allows one to publish photos privately is you want to control who sees them. If you post them for public consumption, you're taking your chances. Yes, copyright law, etc, etc, whatever. If someone uses your photo, all you have to do in most cases is politely ask that the person who used it remove it from their site. Now, by the time I got here, lots of posts have been deleted, but I'm pretty confident in saying that hasn't happened here YET. I've seen bullying, insulting, condescending, cursing and threatening, but not a civil request in the mix anywhere. Athana has far more patience than I. She actually let some of this stuff stay posted.

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