Wednesday, December 28, 2005


I just remembered a newspaper I used to love, and Googled it. Sure enough, they have a web presence:

"I’d like to call your attention to Goddessing, an international goddess research newspaper published twice a year. I think it’s the best-kept secret in the goddess movement in the US, though it has readers in 25 countries.

"Goddessing presents great articles of scholarship, art, culture and (yes) humor in a modest and affordable format. Every issue contains rare photographs and drawings of Goddess artifacts and sacred sites. And there’s a wonderful international calendar of events—conferences, art exhibits, speakers.

"Past & Future Contributors

"Monica Sjoo
Luisah Teish
Asphodel Long
Jennifer Berezan
Lucia Chiavola Birnbaum
Deborah Rose
Willow LaMonte
Elinor Gadon
Barbara Walker
Max Dashu
Phyllis McEwen"

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Allen said...

I'll buy into your goddess malarky when you show me some peer-reviewed scientific articles supporting your crazy theories.

And you learn how to spell theology.

Anonymous said...

Shoelimpy, can't you just stay over at Pandagon?

Allen said...


Anne Johnson said...

Scientific arguments? Since when does the goddess need Intelligent Design? We who believe in her make a leap of faith! Wooo Hooooo!

Shoelimpy is jut a tad hostile and clearly doesn't spend much time at Athana's site, which offers a multitude of interesting posts on goddess issues, both scientific and faith-based.

Athana said...

Shoelimpy, I love you. You look cuter than kittens. Which of my “scientific” theories were you interested in, specifically?

Re: “theology,” I’ve not ever used that word on this blog, so I’m wondering why you should say I’ve misspelled it...?

Anne Johnson said...

Sweetie, your blog goes onto the net as "Radical Goddess Thealogy." Don't change it, the fairies approve.

Morgaine said...

"Theology" is the study of "God." "Thealogy" is the study of the Great Mother Goddess - Athana's spelling is perfectly correct.

Now, as to scientific evidence, where shall we begin? Quantum Theory? Evolution? Chaos Theory? Goddess worship is the ONLY religion that includes all of these concepts without conflict. How about the genetic basis for the natural superiority of women? I can talk about that for days.

We don't need blind faith - we see Goddess in everyone and everything. She is a living entity, and all that exists, including us, is a part of her body. This is called the Gaia Hypothesis. Evolution is the birth process on a planetary scale - ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny. Take the evolutionary principle that the more specialized the organs and complex the organism, the older and more evolved, and compare male and female genitalia.

How about the fact that the Y chromosome may be a crippled X, and that the Y is doomed for extinction, while the X shows no such weakness?

The fact that the female brain has a more active corpus callosum, giving us greater powers of recovery after a stroke, and giving us greater access to the non-dominant cerebral hemisphere, making us more versatile and less limited in our thinking?

And fuck your "peer review" as long as it takes place in the patriarchal institution of academia. Most of what they teach in schools is "the official story" rather than fact.

Morgaine said...

Oops - forgot what I clicked in here for. Thanks for the reminder, Athana. I just subscribed.

IndigoMoon626 said...

I just wanted to state that it deeply saddens me when I hear of women converting to Christianity or any of the other "war-cults" It is like they are denying their womanhood and I truly believe that a part of those women die long before their bodies do -- their true souls.


Morgaine said...

I agree, Patricia. It's as if some of them are afraid of their own power.