Sunday, December 11, 2005


… is a site worth exploring:

“For many women seeking a spiritual home, the legend of Avalon has called to them across the ages. An island of Women's Mysteries ... A sanctuary of service to the Goddess .... An honored haven of learning and healing ... A place of solitude ... A center for women to come into their personal power through their inner wisdom ... The images these invoke have resonated with innumerable women, and the resulting quest for her shores has served to pull Avalon even further out of the mists.


“The mists are thinning, sisters. Who knows the way back home -- to Avalon?


“Once we can read the stories of the Welsh Goddesses without the filter of medieval mores and Christian philosophy, a very different portrait of Them emerges. The betraying harlot becomes the giver of Sovereignty, free to choose Her mate as She wills and granting kingship to whom She deems best. The abandoning mother becomes the Great Teacher and the devouring witch is revealed as the Initiatrix into the Mysteries.”
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Thnx to adwiz for the wonderful foto


Anonymous said...

Even the name of Avalon is evocative. Do you think our genes remember the invisible paths of our ancestors, like those little turtles who set out into a vast ocean and somehow know the way that they should go.

Apparently avon means river and lava means apples and Avalon means island of apples. Those sacred apples again they always mean she's there under the patriarchal noise

Athana said...

I think that with just a little encouragement we might be amazed at what we "know" and could do. But we're not only getting no encouragement, we're being bombarded with dis-couragement. And I strongly suspect that that's because we women -- and some to many men -- possess the potential for incredible power. The kind that our current system could not stand up against.

I love your insights and the way you put things ursa. Ever thought about doing your own weblog?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your kind comments, I am too computer clueless for my own weblog yet, plus circumstances.

Inspired by you I was looking at Minoan art last night when I came across the thread of your discussions with Wiki, I am Amazed by their obstructiveness based on little more than a conviction that goddess as main deity must be wrong. You and good scholarship prevailed. No mean achievement.

definitely more encouragement would be good, you and other goddess and feminist bloggers must sometimes feel as if you are walking uphill in a head wind. Your spreading awareness though and in time that will surely pay dividends.

Morgaine said...

Ursa - I'll set a blog up for you if you want.

Athana - you're right. All we need is to give ourselves permission to remember. It's all there for us.

Have you ever cut an apple cross-wise? You'll see why it represents the Goddess, and why the Xtians used it to symbolize knowledge.

Athana said...

Isn't it interesting that we never cut apples cross-wise? Seems just as logical as cutting them into wedges. And much more exciting visually, with the star design in the middle.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Morgaine for your encouragement, maybe one day when events allow I will take you up on it.