Friday, December 23, 2005

MEN, BE A mother!

For the past three days, Wes and Foyle at verumserum have carried on a sparkling discussion about Christianity, Atheism and morality. Although beginning in a bosom-buddy way, the debate soon slid into a verbal boxing match. When I checked today, the game had ended -- with both opponents huddled in opposite corners playing frosty snowmen. So I slid in my 2c worth:

"Dear Wes and Foyle, I enjoyed your discussion, although I must admit I've forgotten the meaning of some of the terms you've used ("One can be an existentialist and a consequentialist, an existentialist and a moral objectivist, an existentialist and a moral relativist, an existentialist and a proponent of virtue ethics, or even an existentialist and a deontologicalist..."). Both of you are obviously extremely intelligent, well read, and verbally advantaged.

"But do you have a real gut-level caring for humanity, or is your caring more for competing and winning? And if Christianity and atheism are so sine qua non, how do you explain the fact that humans existed quite nicely for about 100,000 years without either? They certainly existed without Christianity, and I feel fairly certain they didn't have any understanding of your brand of atheism, Wes.

"Morality is so simple. You make it so hard. It's simply this: behave like a mother."
thnx to jell96 for the foto of a man being a mother

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