Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Impeachment HITS the News

Here for your reading pleasure, is a smorgasbord of articles on impeaching our favorite god boy, Mr. Geo. W. Bush:

Time for Impeachment By Doug Ireland

Rep. John Lewis Calls for Impeachment

Sen. Barbara Boxer Seeks Expert Opinions on Impeaching Bush

Raising the Issue of Impeachment
By John Nichols, The Nation

Washington Post Polling Editor Is Furious Because People Want Impeachment

The high-gods are as dangerous as dry dynamite in the hands of a dunderhead. For one, they demand blind obedience. Too many think because Bush is Papa of the land, he’s allowed to do anything. He’s above the law. He’s god boy. (And here, Cousin Doris comes firmly to mind.)

Now, blind obedience and democracy mix like oil and water, so we can keep one but not both. Sorry, babies. One has to go. I for one, vote for the blind-obedience god-boys taking a looooong hike.

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Morgaine said...

You beat me to it! Excellent round up - I love hearing the "I" word when a pResident actually deserves it. Even better, violating FISA carrys a penalty of 5 years in prison. Bye-bye, Shrub!