Tuesday, December 16, 2008


HERE'S an article that caught my eye today. It's about how Muslims are leading the world around like a cow with a ring in its nose, 'cause we're all frightfully frightened of the fatwa, and about how the West started the whole shebang all by its lil' ol' lonesome self:

"The lesson of the Rushdie Affair ... is that liberals have made their own monsters. It is the liberal fear of giving offence that has helped create a culture in which people take offence so easily."

What's to blame, says Mr. Kenan Malik the author, is our "abandonment of the politics of universalism in favour of ethnic particularism, the shift from the politics of ideology to the politics of identity." All this sly shifting and abject abandoning happened in the 1980s.

OK, I'm a liberal, but I part company with my liberal friends over the idea that every trait of every culture is a sacred cow. The fatwa, IMO should be stomped into the dust ASAP with every ounce of energy the world possesses, along with harems, human slavery, and the frequent ingestion of roasted caterpillar skins. The earth's too small now to stand for such nonsense spreading and getting the upper hand -- or should I say foot?

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