Tuesday, December 09, 2008


HERE, in an old issue of Goddess Pages, is a great article by Max Dashu on the way in which "objective" academia shakes in its shoes when confronted by Goddess.

Thnx both to Max and to Geraldine at Goddess Pages for all you each do for the Goddess Movement.


Thalia said...

That is a very, very, very excellent article. But how is it that she doesn't have a book!? Am I missing something?

Also I was perusing Amazon looking for a good book on the Minoans and came across a nicely scathing feminist review of was it Castleden's? book. (The one that disingenuously puts the "Prince among the lilies" on the cover.)

And when I got to the bottom I was like, oh hey, I know who that is. Heh heh. Nice.

Athana said...

That's a mystery to me too, Thalia -- why Max Dashu doesn't have a book or two under her belt by now.

I plead guilty to the Castleden rant. I hope you found a good book on the Minoans. The most recent summary book on them that I know about is *Minoans* by J. Lesley Fitton of The British Museum -- but I haven't checked around in a few years.