Sunday, December 14, 2008


HERE'S a good article on how "religious" people breed like flies. "Religious" people pump out more babies -- in many cases a *lot* more babies, says this author, Andy Gottlieb. And, those babies typically adopt their parents' religion.*

By "religion" Andy of course means daddy-god religion (Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist). So, what Andy's really saying is daddy-god people have more babies.

Next Andy scratches his head and says, "Nobody knows why!"

Well, dear hearts, we know why, don't we? Typically, Daddy God tells his dudes to throw "their" women down on the floor and fill them full of seed. Tons of seed.

Here -- anybody want seed? Daddy God has it gushing out his galoshes. He's tickled pink to pass it around, all over everyone. He does adore his seed. Seed, seed, seed.

And what this means is, the daddy always has extra bodies lying around he can beat the rest of us up with. It's a problem.

This little drama, of course, has been marching across the stage for six millennia. Although Daddy started as a small group of a few dozen 6000 years ago, he's now spread like lice in thick hair, all over the globe.

Today, well over half the world worships Daddy.

It's a problem, and what we can do about it is this: get to Daddy-god's young while they're itty-bitties and teach them what kind of deadly world plague their parents are trying to pass off onto them -- and all the rest of us.
*"Faith Equals Fertility," by Andrew Gottlieb, on


Anonymous said...

Let's not forget the Goddess societies and the matriarchats enjoyed and enjoy full understanding of female fertility and babymaking in general! All those witches and priestesses and shamanesses knew their way with contraceptive herbs and potions since the stoneages, and all females were able to enjoy sex for the pleasure. The abnormal growth of human population started with the violent male domination - which is of course connected to the rapings. The Bible is one of the sanctified examples of a nasty rapist's manual.

Athana said...

Thanks AnnaPerenna, you make a great point.

Anonymous said...

No, no, it is I who thank you for this awesome blog and writing all this clever and poignant stuff! Rock on, wise and humorous sister! (if I may call you that?)

Btw. back to the topic - notice how male-centric guys worship seed in every damn porn they make, or in their general disgust of using condoms? I wonder why they call themselves heterosexual men, really, with all their obvious love for dong and jizz...
But if a woman so much as hints to her period in men's presence, they are most shocked and appaled! Why are all pads and pantyshields and tampax commercials full of that fake blue Gatorade? It almost makes me giggle seeing how very afraid guys are of women bleeding..
I mean, holy body fluid, Bat girl! Our bleeding was sacred once..

Ok, I will stop rambling now.. :)

Athana said...

And women's bleeding still is sacred.

You're right on the money, AnnaPerenna, men are afraid of women's ability to bleed.

Barbara Walker says that women's bleeding was called "the curse" not because it's a curse on women themselves, but because it gives women the power to curse anyone out to harm them or their children.

Anonymous said...

In those good, old feminist words:
"War is menstruation envy!"