Monday, February 12, 2007

REAL Men for Jesus

It just keeps getting better and better:

"A group calling themselves Real Men For Jesus argue that Jesus wasn't really the Bleeding Heart liberal he pretended to be, because after all he went around overturning tables, and was belligerent and destructive and made messes for other people to clean up, just like a macho man is supposed to do--just like George Bush, for example."
From "Is Religion Inherently Homicidal," by Philip Slater on Huffington Post. MORE>>>>


Anne Johnson said...

Real Men. Just like those Roman soldiers who whupped Jesus's skinny butt.

Paxton said...

I do think it's fair to note that, in the Left Behind game that article refers to...or at least in the books it's based on...they are not killing folks indiscriminately or without provocation. The GC (Global Community) guys are killing Christians (and anyone else who refuses to worship their dictator) on sight. IIRC, the Christians form an underground community of sorts, for survival. There were some rescue missions and self defense along the way. Not saying it's pristine and innocent, just that these type of reviews aren't really accurate. Well, they might be, if the game is lots different from the books.

I'm looking for other info about Real Men for Jesus, because I am curious, but it's difficult to find. I automatically suspect as rabid, any source that goes from Jesus to Bush in one sentence (whether positively or negatively).

Athana said...

Paxton, Just google "real men for Jesus" with quotation marks around the phrase. I got fourteen responses, including these: