Saturday, November 19, 2022


Just because you’re a Goddess follower don’t think all you have to do is follow the Goddess (or that one particular Goddess who tickles your fancy). No indeedy, sweeties. In the grand scheme of things, you have bigger fish to fry. 

In fact, I’m afraid the key to rescuing the world from climate chaos rests on your shoulders. Your job is introducing this key to the world, and making sure the world grabs on, lobs it into the key hole, and then turns the darn thing. 

The key? Switching from sky/war gods to Earth/Peace Goddesses – pronto – no time to waste. 

In the distant past most of us circled around the Earth Mother. And you can bet your bottom dollar we didn’t trash Her. We humans don’t trash what we see as sacred, do we?

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