Friday, October 31, 2008

Back TO GODDESS BY 2035: CAN WE Really DO IT?

Can we really, by the year 2035, replace god the father with God the Mother?

Yikes, people! That's a scant 27 years from now!

On the other hand, 27 years ago, America saw one of its last lynchings.* And now, exactly 27 years later, we're on the verge of [KNOCK ON WOOD!] landing an African-American in our Oval Office.

The push for Obama is being driven by the young. Even Evangelicals under 30 are backing Obama. And the young comedian Sarah Silverman has snapped out a metacool video called "The Great Schlep":

"Shake your behinds on over to Florida," she tells young Jewish Americans, "and order you grandparents to vote for Obama!" (Florida is a "swing" state full of retirees).

Many older whites are still prejudiced against black Americans. Nonetheless, many have sweat bullets to teach their kids not to be.

Also, whether they know it or not, many older Americans are bloodied up inside from hatching in, and years of incubating in, a Christian culture.

But we can teach our kids how to avoid being so bloodied, and how to love Goddess.

Seems to be a law in this land that every new generation has ta pitch their parents' world, and create their own. Every generation, from way back before the American Revolution, has felt the need to dump their parents' world for a shiny new one.

So one humongous key in getting back to Goddess: preach Goddess to your kids. (And to the Jones' kids next door too, if you can get away with it -- let's share the love!).

Teach Her through Her magic. Half our kiddy lit is based on the Goddess's magic. Harry Potter's a primo example (it's why the Christians hate poor Harry so).

Finally, a few sweet thoughts:

Chaos theory teaches that social change can happen in the flicker of an eyelash. Even though switching from endless warfare, deep-rooted cruelty and violence, snooty snobbism and bully-boy rule may seem like a six-century housecleaning job, chaos theory clues us in on how fast such change can actually happen: “An idea can become contagious and spread like a virus, through geometric progression, by doubling and doubling again, and again and again, until it reaches a critical mass, which is the tipping point. If we are talking about viruses, the result is an epidemic.” But with social systems we’re talking about social transformation. “When a critical number of people accept a principle, it becomes the new standard, an ‘as if it always was so.’ Like voting rights for American women, for instance, which we now take for granted” (Bolen 2005: 135).

"Although as I’ve pointed out throughout this book, cultures don’t change easily, the Goddess is already a deeply buried part of many if not most world cultures. In the West She hangs out as Mother Earth, Mary “Mother” of God, CinderElla, Maid Marian, Mother Holle, mistletoe and holly, the Goddess Oestra and Her sacred hare, and in myths, legends and holiday traditions too many to mention. We need to slide Her out of hiding, ditch the disguises She’s cloaked Herself in, and restore the brilliant old magic that made us the peace-loving, non-violent, earth-revering, sensual adventurers we all long to be again."

~ From Switching to Goddess: Humankind's Ticket to the Future. Nov. 2008. Hampshire, UK: O Books
Chapter 8 in Switching to Goddess is devoted to how we can make the switch from daddy gods to mother goddesses by 2035. This chapter is called "The Fix." Some sections in "The Fix":

With a Little Magic, The Fix Would Be Simple
Around the World, Nations Switching
Switching at Home
Switching Hearts and Minds
Switching for Men
Switching to What?
“When God Wants War”
But We Haven’t All Gotten It Yet
Beating the Talking Drums, Getting the Word Out Weblogistan
Whadda We Say? How Do We Say It?
Congregation Revolution
Calling All Manly Mother-Men
We Can’t Lose
We Can Do It By 2035
Money Can Be Part of the Mix in the Fix
Get Ready for the Big Daddy of All Backlashes

So if you want to learn more about how we can return to Goddess by 2035, make sure to get your hands on a copy of Switching to Goddess. It includes 35 pages devoted to just this topic.

Switching to Goddess will hit the bookstores on November 28. But lucky you -- you can pre-order a copy now at, at a price that's been savagely reduced by 34% -- from $24.95 to $16.47 -- that's a savings of $8.48.

If you can't buy a copy, sweet-talk your local librarian into springing for one you can borrow.
*At least according to Wikipedia, who says that in Alabama in 1981, one Michael Donald was lynched by the KKK.
Picture: ancient Goddess figurine from Neolithic (Jomon) Japan


Anonymous said...

All imbalances are unhealthy (signs of a split psyche) and nothing should be in excess. Too much feminine energies can lead to smothering behavior, for example. Too much masculine energies to excessive power displays.

God + Goddess in equal measure and energy = child, love, life, Phi.

Anonymous said...

hey, not all Christians are that bad. some even accept the feminine divine! and, oh wait...Obama's a Christian, too!

Athana said...

Dear Zion Mystic,

I don't think Christians are bad -- just dangerous. Or, rather, the Christian philosophy is dangerous, and if you call yourself a Christian, you're allowing that danger that is Christianity (and the other Abrahamaic religions) to continue to exist.

Also, I know that some Christians accept the feminine divine, and I'm very glad they do.

Dear Kristina,

Some "imbalances" may be bad, but everything depends on your definition of terms. Is giving too much love to a child a sign of a split psyche? All depends on how you define "love."

Is being totally heterosexual or 100% homosexual the sign of a split psyche? Are bisexuals the only healthy members of our species?