Thursday, August 21, 2008


Yesterday a local newscaster announced that an elementary school music teacher was arrested for fondling little girls.

The story took my thoughts wandering down this particular path: there's a whole boatload of ways people have sex such that their partner has no fun whatsoever: Rape comes to mind. Child molestation. Incest. Public exposure. Public indecency.

Then this popped into my mind: The Bible says the only non-sinful sex is procreation sex. Sex for pleasure is a trashy, sordid sin.

And then I wondered: could there be a connection?

Could it be that war-god cultures have sex offenders simply because some dudes can't get aroused unless at least one person in the sex act (their partner) is failing to have a good time? I mean, isn't this exactly what the Bible dictates?

Here's the thing: I don't think people un"blessed" by Christianity, Islam, Hinduism or the other war-god religions do pleasure-absent sex. Take, for example, the Trobriand Islanders of the early 20th century. Making love there was nothing but delicious and delightful -- for everyone involved.

I'm sure I'm not the first to make this Bible/rape connection, but still -- it's an interesting possibility, no?
thnx to Wiley C for the foto; go HERE to see more.


Idris said...

Good questions - and I agree that the "war god" mentality with its ideas of domination and control is central to the understanding of this.

I will return to this in a blog very soon but am too tired now.

Anne Johnson said...

Women aren't ever supposed to enjoy it, even when procreating. Thus sayeth the old white dude.

Morgaine said...

Men weren't really supposed to enjoy it either, but women were never ever supposed to, plus they were blamed for invoking such naughty urges in men. The patriarchs completely replaced pleasure in sex with conquest and domination. There was a specific reason for this, of course. They were trying to establish a patrilineal system of inheritance and that required being able to be sure of their children's paternity. Sex got all tied up with producing soldiers to die for the top of the hierarchy so they could amass wealth and property.

This is why the Goddess movement has to be about Peace and positive sexuality. You just can't work someone into a righteous murdering frenzy if they've just had an orgasm. It takes repression and guilt to drive a man to war.