Saturday, January 12, 2008


Ian McEwan on religion (Ian’s author of the prize-winning novel Atonement):

Religion, says Mr. Ian, is “…fairly deeply stitched into human nature. It seems to be part of all cultures, so I don't expect it to vanish. And yet at the same time, if it is built into human nature, why are there so many people who don't believe in it?”

Me! Me, teacher! Call on me! Atheists are people who grew up seeing the muckiness of the war-god religions. And the war-god religions sewed it deeply into their brains that there are no other religions but the war-god religions. And these people were so sickened by these war/sky/daddy-god religions that they threw up their hands in disgust and said, “None of that muck for me!”

Of course on this blog we all know that the icky war/sky/daddy-god “religions” aren’t really religions, but only cleverly-designed social-control machines. They keep us sheople in line so’s Big dudes can have their way with us.

Ian goes on: “It is a bit of a problem, the title ‘Atheist’-- no one really wants to be defined by what they do not believe in. We haven't yet settled on a name….”

I have an idea! Why doncha call yourselves Goddess followers? If we all followed a Great Guiding Mother Goddess the way our ancestors did back in the Neolithic and early Bronze Ages, we wouldn’t be in the sorry mess we’re in today – solidly soaked in war, violence, and snooty snobbism with its zillions of social ladders all loudly shouting out who’s good, better and best (and who’s for the birds).
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