Friday, March 31, 2006

GODDESS good, GOD IS torture

To a reader who said, "If Goddess does exist and god doesn't, then I am wasting my time and believing in a lie," my reply is:

Know what gave me first clue that your primitive war god Jehovah is a fiction, Gentle Reader? Hell. Or, rather, Hel. The Goddess Hel existed long before your filthy Hell was fictionalized. To my northern European ancestors the Mother Hel was a volcano Goddess. We all return to Her womb at death – a warm place, never hot. It’s a love chamber. She loves us all.

So my Goddess offers a warm, loving place at the end of our lives. And then your war god enters history. What does he do? He *steals* Her warm, loving womb, *steals* her name, and turns both into bloody, infected insanity. Get the difference? My deity is love; yours is torture.

I don't apologize for the word "insanity." Nothing else describes this, Gentle Reader. A deity that rips away another’s love and turns it into torture -- the dipping of humans into boiling vats of oil for eternity -- is filth. You are worshipping filth. Sorry to be so harsh, but you need to be rocked out of the trance you’re in. Open your dingbat eyes! Your war god is a filthy aberration that came out of the minds of demented humans, humans who turned mad via starvation, and then codified their madness (See THIS .)

And, Gentle Reader, you're sucking this madness down like it was Kool-aid. It boggles my mind that anyone in the 21st century could "worship" something so primitive as a torture-deity -- a deity invented 6000 years ago by nomads so backward they could barely speak.

But listen, lovely people: I know you aren't alone. Many Americans are turning to this bogus primitive insanity called Christianity -- primarily because half of us don't have jobs, and the other half are worried about losing everything to the oil companies, just to keep warm in winter.

But remember this: mostly it's backward, uneducated people who turn to this torture religion. People who can't reason for themselves. I don't think that most of you who've found your way to this blog are that uneducated or lacking in intelligence. So I'm counting on you to lead the way for others, not block their path to sanity.


Anne Johnson said...

Your site offers fabulous sanity like this every day. Cyberspace is wealthier for your contributions.

Morgaine said...

I agree. If we keep talking, eventually, some of them will listen.

Paxton said...

Random collection of thoughts:

-- You say that Hel existed long before Hell. This is only true if Hell is in fact fictional. If Hell has existed from the beginning of humanity, then Hel may have existed before Hell was FICTIONALIZED, but not before Hell came into existence.

-- There is a difference between "eternal suffering" and "eternal torture".

-- Hell's existence, even the idea of Hell, makes me extremely sad. I also believe that Hell is real. I also believe that its existence is not incompatible with God's omnipotence and infinite love.

-- The sophistication of a belief's adherents does not decide whether that belief is true or false.

-- You attempt to weaken Christianity's credibility by saying that people become Christians because they are unemployed or are in danger of losing all their money. In other words: "Uncertainty about the future may prompt people to seek God." This is not surprising, nor is it disturbing. You can psychoanalyze my faith and say I became a Christian because I wanted security. But unless I genuinely believed it would give me security, why would I bother? And just because something fits what I want, does not automatically make it false. If I want security and God gives me security, that does not make God false (I know that you do not disagree with this, anymore than you think the goddess is false because she gives you the love you want). How if God did in fact intend for people to depend on him once they discovered they can't depend on earthly wealth?

-- I will post on my blog or comment here again when I have time. I want to explore the idea of Hell vs. Hel. I have several ideas why Hell is not unloving and why Hel is not loving, and I am sure that the idea sounds ludicrous to you but I hope you will consider what I say before you decide I am a desperate man grasping at straws and using illusions to deflect attention from God's cruelty. I do not believe that God is cruel.