Sunday, March 12, 2006


Found this today on a blog I visited: "Hinduism is generally considered to be the world’s oldest religion….”

To which I replied:

"Not so, EA. There was a highly developed, complex civilization in place in India before the relatively barbaric Aryans took over: the peaceful and complex ancient Indus Valley Civilization, with highly complex cities like Mohenjodaro and Harappa. It was a Goddess civilization. There’s little doubt in my mind that a peaceful, healthy Goddess religion was in place in what is now India for millenia before the crude war gods smashed everything and forced their high-god religions down the people's throats. As they’ve done all over the globe, for the past 6000 years.

"For a short intro, go HERE...."

... or here: "Countless terra-cotta statues of Mother Goddess have been discovered suggesting that she was worshipped in nearly every home."

Other good sites on the pre-patriarchal, peaceful, class-less, highly complex, Goddess-worshipping Indians are HERE, HERE & HERE.
Thnx to for the foto of the ruins of the ancient Indus Valley city Mohenjodaro.


Eruvande said...

I'm not sure I really understand the notion of a peaceful era before the rise of patriarchy. What was it like before the peaceful era? Had we always been a placid lot beforehand? Haven't things always been rather cyclical when it comes to group behaviours?

I'm just coming out of a creationist mindset, so I'm not clear on many things, but I shall certainly spend some time looking closer at those links you've provided.

Athana said...

Welcome to RGT, eruvande. I hope you find something here you can take away with you for a good purpose.

Athana said...

Eruvande, Before around 4000 BCE (roughly), human societies appear to have been mostly peaceful, non-violent, vibrant, and without poverty, social classes or racism. My next post will have links about what life was like then.

Mike said...

Dear Athana
you have really done very good job. I'll looking forward for your next post :).
I have published link to this post in my blog (please never mind) :)
I have written something about the powerfull weapons used in ancient india. You are welcome to see my blog

Thank you

Athana said...

makal, you must be quite proud of your early Indus Valley ancestors. They seemed like a sterling people. I'm not so certain I agree with the nuclear weapon explanation of their demise, however. I've not heard about the layer of green glass found at the ancient Indus sites. Of course that doesn't mean they weren't there -- I'm certainly not an expert in this area of archaeology.

Mike said...

I'm proud and also i'm sad. Because we lost so much of invaluable treasure of knowledge by so many invadors & some natural calmities. That knowledge would have beed used for betterment of whole mankind.
hey btw i have moved my blog to

Do not forget to drop in again sometime & also leave you comment.
good luck. :)

Anonymous said...
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