Friday, March 24, 2006


Dear mothers of the world: Are you worshipping a war god (Jehovah, Allah, Vishnu or Yahweh)? If so, please stop. Ever wonder why people worshipping war gods are perpetually at war? Duh!

Before your primitive war gods reared their ugly heads (about 6000 years ago), we basked in a wonderful world. Would I kid you about something this serious? No, I would not. Before 4000 BC, we had it all: Peace. Love. Wealth. Freedom. Safe streets. Everybody happy.

Chew on this, sisters: If your children worship war gods, chances are they will die in war. The war gods are prepping to face off, now, and the odds of everyone the world over being at war constantly are as good as those of George Bush mangling the English language when he opens his mouth next.

Rear your children to ignore the war gods! Scores of peaceful gods and Goddesses are wanting worshipppers (go to The Gods Are Bored for an updated list). Personally I prefer Goddesses, but even Horus or Pan beat a war god. Buddha and Buddhism aren’t perfect, but they too beat the war gods. Even atheism beats your war-god worship!
Thnx to the Spiral Grove for the picture of the Green Man


Anne Johnson said...

Bless your heart! You know I root for the Goddess. And her numbers are growing. Polls show her approval rating gets higher every day.

Some day I'm going to write about the Day After Armageddon, when all the War God People have vanished and LEFT BEHIND the Goddess folk to restore the wonderful world!

Athana said...

Anne, I'm going to hold you to this book. It needs to be written. And I can't think of a better person to write it. I've not heard a more original plot since -- since -- I don't know when! I think this might be the queen of original plots!

How soon do you think you can get started?

Morgaine said...

i second that! What a wonderful concept - the War God takes his worshippers away and leaves the Goddess people here on Earth. Makes one misty, eh?