Saturday, March 18, 2006


Anne from The Gods Are Bored directs our attention to a lovely bit of behavior snatched straight out of the christian bible:

"...'God Hates Fags' send their followers to the funerals of fallen Iraq War soldiers. These protesters shout at the families of the victims and loudly thank God for killing the soldier.

"Here's their logic in a nutcase-shell:

"1. God hates fags (they offer about 500 references from Scripture to prove it).

"2. Since individual states do not kill gays, God hates those states.

"3. Since the states are in America, God hates America.

"4. Since God hates America, He's arranged to have soldiers killed in Iraq. Therefore, the hometown funerals of those soldiers is a good place to demonstrate loudly that God Hates Fags." MORE >>>

If you want even more, see THIS news article, and THIS one as well.

How much longer are we going to laugh off “etiquette” books like the bible and koran that teach people to kill gays, stone people to death for breathing, force-breed women, and make war on anything that moves?

I'm tired of that lame excuse "Oh, those people aren't real christians." "Those people" are drawing their actions straight from your "holy" Old Testament. If the book's wrong, change it. Why are we keeping books containing recipes for keeping ourselves perpetually in the Dark Ages?
The bible is not a book of love.

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