Thursday, March 23, 2006

The Untouchables Mystery

At his site, Mike has an ad that says where the Indian “Untouchables” (Dalit) came from is a mystery. Actually, the best evidence says it was the mentally-ill Flies Guys, who, about 3500 years ago, carried the caste system into India, along with their other putrid bag of tricks (war, weapons, war gods, violence, sex anxiety, women enslaved, kids brutalized, etc.). They foisted all this crass nastiness onto the splendid, technologically superior Goddess peoples, who at that time were minding their own business, and peacefully inhabiting India.

The particular Flies Guys who hit India were the Aryans. Because they hailed from the north, compared to the Goddess people they had bleached-out skin popping with blue veins. And when these bleached boys ran over the Goddess people, they yanked in a nasty caste system, plopping themselves into the top caste, and the rich-colored Goddess people into the lowest.

The Flies Guys dragged social classes with them wherever they went, but their best job was in India, where the bottom-rung people are supposedly so dreadful that if you touch them you get bugs. (Actually, it was the Flies Guys who were buggy; psychologists call this “projection.”)

Go HERE to read more about the Flies Guys.

Go HERE to see what India was like before the Aryan Flies Guys ruined it (if you’re from India, I mean you no insult; the Flies Guys went all over the world ruining everyone).

Go HERE to visit the Dalit (the polite term for the Untouchables). If you want, you can even spread the love, and sponsor a Dalit child.

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