Wednesday, March 15, 2006


If you’re new to Her, the Goddess can be a frightening phenomenon. A commenter on this blog reminded me of that yesterday. And this afternoon as I was retyping an old manuscript, I came to this sentence: “Even the term ‘goddess’ hits me wrong, scares me a little.” I was surprised. I hadn’t remembered my own initial fears. I moved on past this sentence without retyping it, since I no longer feel this way about the Goddess (obviously), but how coincidental that I stumbled across my old fears at just this point in time. I know what discharged my fears for me: a dependable group of women I celebrated the Goddess with, six times annually, for over ten years.

Also helpful were several journals and magazines, some of them gone, now. One journal still in existence is SageWoman. Good online journals are and Maybe others of you can add favorite Goddess publications still going strong?
The picture of Artemis comes from my own collection of work done by Susan Seddon Boulet.


Morgaine said...

It's not exclusively Goddess, but Circle's magazine is still going. There's also New Witch for the younger set - I love the goth stuff they have.

Economics is a big problem for magazines. We aren't working from a huge economic base, so advertising doesn't generate a lot. I'd imagine most Pagan 'zines barely squeak by even if people volunteer and contribute. That's why I think the internet is so important for us Pagans.

It doesn't have to cost anything at all. I'm just praying this move to privatize access fails. We need to be making it easier to get on the web, not harder. I'm already peeved that there are services like LexisNexis that poor people can't access.

I'd love to read your articles, Athana. Feel free to put whatever you have on the wiki, or let me know if you need to store files somewhere - I have lots of space on my server.

Athana said...

Oh -- and there's that journal that comes out of Malta. I forget what it's called now, but it's good. It's in newspaper format and only comes out a few times a year.

I don't even like to think about the move to privatize. I just can't imagine people would give up a free internet without a huge fight.