Saturday, March 04, 2006

Bringing Brigit INTO YOUR LIFE

"In one of my vision journeys, I asked Brigit how I could make her more present in my life. She told me to light a candle for her every day for three months....


"Gratitude is a ... shooting star in the dark night of endless yearning..." MORE >>>>
(From an article in the last issue of SageWoman Magazine, "Brigit's Cauldron, Full of Blessings.")
Thnx to for the picture of Brigit


Anne Johnson said...

I light a candle for her every night at an altar that contains my magic wand and a seasonal flower. Her picture hangs over the altar. It's the Froud print.

In my darkest hour, I realized that even if my husband lost his union job and we had to move out, I could still keep my Queen Brighid print. It's paid for! After that I turned the corner and haven't been depressed since.

Morgaine said...

Anne- do you have a link to show that print? I'd love to see it.