Friday, September 12, 2014

pouring GAS ON ISIS

Mr. Obama, don’t pour gasoline on ISIS (the Middle East’s skanky Islamic State in Iraq and Syria).

Listen to the goddess Isis.  It’s no accident that she gave her name to a group as similar to her as honey is to bug-infested rump roast.

She’s trying to get your attention.  We need to turn ISIS back into Isis, a peaceful way of life centered around a Goddess who used to rule over large parts of the same land skanky ISIS is now riding over roughshod. 

There’s no way to bomb or “boots on the ground” these ISIS guys into giving up.  Boots and bombs will only make them dig in their heels.  Besides, they’re everywhere, so trying to bomb them off the planet would be like trying to bomb the sand off the earth:

The sad fact is, Mr. Obama, as long as the world gives war religions the green light, we will have war.  Constantly.  And it’s only a matter of time before ISIS-type guys get their hands on nuclear, chemical, and germ weapons.

There is a solution:  Change their hearts and minds.  Eliminate the world’s warfare religions. 

The West could start by eliminating its own war religion, Christianity.  At the same time, all honest, intelligent and powerful citizens in Africa, the Middle East and Asia must work to persuade their Muslim citizens to give up Islam. 

But these religions must be replaced.  All human groups past and present have (or have had) religion -- this is just fact.  But we need peace religions.  We used to have them.  All revolved around peaceful goddesses and gods

If we don’t return to peace-goddesses, let’s at least be honest and admit humanity’s time is about up, and that we are condemning our children, grandchildren, or great grandchildren to lives of unimaginable pain, ugliness and sorrow. 

At least let’s be honest. 

For more on this topic, read Switching to Goddess:Humanity’s Ticket to the Future,  found at most online bookstores. 
Thnx to Vanishing Kingdoms for the image of Isis; go HERE to see more of their work.  

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

CITIZENS Ignited (& burning UP FAST)

A few years ago, the U.S. Supreme Corpse dropped an egg on our heads: “Citizens Ignited and Burning Up Fast”.

The actual name is "Citizens United," but "Citizens Ignited (and Burning Up Fast)" describes it much better.

This egg smells like something dead that has been ripening in the back of your garage since Christmas.

In short, Citizens Ignited (and Burning Up Fast) gives Gazillionaires unbridled power to go to the store and buy a politician -- or usually a whole egg carton full  (cheaper by the dozen, and Gazillionaires love to save money, which is partly why they are Gazillionaires).

So now, unless you are Gary Lee Gazillionaire, you really have no vote, and no say about anything anymore.

Hate the way climate change is melting the ice caps and blitzing the polar bears?  Too bad; gazillionaires get tickled pink when they can pollute. 

Hate the way all the stuff you buy causes you to die of cancer?  Too bad; Gazillionaires just adore selling you all that stuff. 

Hate the way the whole earth might catch fire because Gazillionaires love to spit their carbon out into the air?  Too bad; you can’t do a darn thing about it. 

Or can you?

Here’s what you can do to help: Read up on these Super Heroes, tell your friends, explain Citizens Ignited to your brain-challenged cousin Cuddle Pie, and your brain-addled Uncle Adolph.  

Call your Congress person and promise to come personally and spit in her eye if she does not vote for the “Constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United.” 

It’s also known as “The Democracy for All Amendment.” 

 Yup.  It's true.  

So get busy; your Mother the Earth will hug and kiss you for it.  

Saturday, August 16, 2014

YOU CAN'T commit ADULTERY WITH A STAPLE GUN, or, An Ode to the Hobby Lobby Craft Stores

At that very moment, I heard a voice telling me, ‘Eleanor, go ye forth and tell of the Lord’s wonders, using pipe cleaners, Popsicle sticks, and enormous Day-Glo crêpe-paper sunflowers with plastic googly eyes and refrigerator-magnet grins.’ 

"By the very next day, I had crafted a miniature replica of the Last Supper, entirely out of those tiny Jet-Puffed marshmallows, empty bottles of mini-bar vodka, and human hair.


“... the Reverend Lionel Harmwater has led his flock in scrapbooking the entire Bible by adding doily borders to every page, along with oaktag-framed photos of bowling pins on which parishioners have enamelled the faces of their patron saints.

“This Bible now weighs more than fifty-eight pounds and rests on a reinforced redwood picnic table in the sacristy.... I love to page through this Bible, to discover pop-up tinfoil angels holding antiqued parchment banners reading ‘Pray & Crochet!’ or ‘You Can’t Commit Adultery with a Staple Gun!’”

Friday, August 15, 2014


When the world whirled around goddesses, we were OK.  

Of course that was a few years ago (6000, to be exact). 

But hey!  The facts don’t lie: according to some of our best thinkers, before around 6000 BC no war or snooty hierarchy raised their ugly heads anywhere on the planet.

When you own a womb and can manufacture tiny, dewy, human things, you adopt a different perspective on Life.  You cherish it. You’re not thrilled by violence and warfare.  They threaten to scrub out the sweet things springing from your body. 

It’s time we scrubbed warfare off the planet. Returning to female deity would be a way to do it. 

Saturday, August 09, 2014


He sounds like a real hunk of a dude – but he’s a bit old for my tastes. 
Keep your eye trained on this 6,500-year-old anyway, though, because he hails from Iraq’s last Great Goddess civilization, the Ubaidian.

He’s a rare find – complete skeletons from these ancient and peaceful old goddess days are scarce as hen’s teeth. 

Sounds like this guy was a looker, too:

“The body is believed to be that of a well-muscled man at least 50 who stood 5 feet, 9 inches tall, according to Monge. She hopes a skeletal analysis, possibly including a CT scan, will reveal more about his diet, stresses, diseases and ancestral origins....” [Go HERE to read more.]
Anyway, as we discover more about this dude, we'll discover more too about how good Iraq had it before ancient war-god monsters moved in and crunched them for lunch. 

BTW:  for a complete rundown on the showdown between the Ubaidians and the ancient war-god monsters, get your hands on a copy of Switching to Goddess: Humanity's Ticket to the Future.  It is sold in most online bookstores near you.  

Tuesday, July 29, 2014


“Break any law you want,” said the Supreme Court a few weeks ago  “ – as long as the law rubs your religious fur the wrong way.” 

Of course the Supremes were thinking of Christian fur only (and to heck with the rest of us). 

But now – bless their little hearts! – the Satanic Temple is going to bat for the rest of us. reports:

“Oh, this is rich. The Satanist [sic] Temple group is demanding that their religious rights be upheld just like the Hobby Lobby corporation's were in the [recent] Supreme Court decision....”
“The Satanic Temple [is] a faith community that describes itself as facilitating ‘the communication and mobilization of politically aware Satanists, secularists, and advocates for individual liberty’...."
The Temple is “...seeking a religious exemption to certain anti-abortion laws that attempt to dissuade women from ending a pregnancy." 
“... It's time to go on the offensive from now on [says Crooks and Liars], and if it be Satanists that lead that charge then so be it.”

Read the whole article (very short, really) HERE. 

To read about the Satanic Temple, go HERE

Monday, July 21, 2014

THE GRAND controller

A few days ago I promised I'd reveal my translation of the Sator Square, a magic word square in which each word appears four times (up, down, backwards and forwards).

The Sator Square: 

S  A  T  O  R
A  R  E  P  O
T  E  N  E  T
O  P  E  R  A
R  O  T  A  S

Here is my translation of the Square:

1.  "Sator" means "Goddess"*
2.  "Arepo" is the name of this particular Goddess
3.  "Tenet" translates into "is master/holder/keeper of"
4.  "Opera" means "the work/care involved in maintaining" something
5.  "Rotas" translates into "the revolving cycles of life"

Put it all together and you get this: 

"The Goddess Arepo is master of the work involved in maintaining the revolving cycles of life."

Or, put another way,

"The Goddess Arepo is the Grand Controller of the revolving cycles of life."
*In my July 13 post, I noted that the actual translation for the Latin word sator is "Sower, planter; founder, progenitor (usually divine); originator."  A "divine originator" could very well mean a female deity, or goddess.