Wednesday, November 22, 2017


Apparently in Alabama Jesus truly does “love the little children” – all the way to Sunday and back!  

In His floor-length white robes, satiny hair, and big baby blues, this holy Dude spreads a blanket, beckons a 14-year-old to sit on it, removes her clothes, strips to his loin cloth.  Fondling the little child’s private parts, he asks her to cradle His holy penis in her hands: 
 “’I don’t know how much these women are getting paid, but I can only believe they’re getting a healthy sum,’ said pastor Earl Wise, a [Roy] Moore supporter from Millbrook, Ala.  
“Wise said he would support Moore [for the U.S. Senate] even if the allegations were true and the candidate was proved to have sexually molested teenage girls and women.
“’There ought to be a statute of limitations on this stuff,’ Wise said. ‘How these gals came up with this, I don’t know. They must have had some sweet dreams somewhere down the line.’”  

Why are we not surprised?  

Humanity's too good now for the primitive male-god religions.  

Let's scrap them for some good old-fashioned Goddess ways of seeing ourselves and the world.  


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