Saturday, March 04, 2006

ORIGINS OF patriarchy IV

PART FOUR: "The Flies Boys Discover The City" (Continued from past posts; Auntie Athana is telling Virginia the Patriarchy Story.)

VIRGINIA: “Okay, Auntie, got our popcorn, and we're comfie on the couch. Yesterday we stopped with the peaceful matrists starving in the desert. They were turning stark-raving mad, and then dying – all except the teenage boys. Next, can we hear something cheery -- like the 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre'?“

ATHANA: “Right, Ginnie. After this story, ‘cheery’ will be what the doctor ordered.

“Before we get to the teen boys, remember -- not all the matrists went mad. The lucky ones stumbled onto some of the only water left: the Tigris, Euphrates, Nile, and large rivers in China. Some even found fertile land there. They invented irrigation and grew food. Irrigation takes many people cooperating. Ta da: the first cities.

Now back to the Bad Boys. Put everything in a big pot and stir: Roving gangs of boys who’ve learned starvation-behavior and nothing else. (Pain good, pleasure bad. Can’t see anyone’s else's needs. Brothers steal from sisters. Run fast so ma won’t catch ya and eatcha.) Add to that, “swaddling rage” against women. These boys are roving, ticking time-bombs. Let’s call them “Lord of the Flies” gangs.

“Although many Flies guys died in the desert, some crawled to adulthood. A few stranded women tagged along. Children happened. The children learned their fathers ways. In other words, Virginia, starvation behavior becomes codified. It begins to get handed down from generation to generation. A new way of life is born.”

VIRGINIA: “The patriarchy, right? “

ATHANA: “No, not yet. Vital ingredients are still missing: Slavery. Organized warfare. Weapons.

“One day the mangy, smelly Flies Boys stumble upon – gasp! -- something they’ve never seen! Green plants in the desert! A horde of bejeweled, perfumed people hiding behind high walls (built after other smellies came and tried to wreck this new invention, the city).

"‘There’s food and water here,’ cry the smellies. ‘Let’s take it!’ They hurl stones at the city walls, but the stones just bounce back (several smellies lost toes in just this manner).

“By the way, at some point the smellies invented a god who looked suspiciously like their own fathers: hated pleasure; thought women needed to be branded so ya know which are yours; and so forth.”

Tomorrow: The Origins of Slavery and Warfare

Thnx to AAD and ophelia for the fotos


Morgaine said...

Wow- who's the hottie with the hair. It's not like a bunch of those would have to force their way into a city, at least not if I were keeping the gate. The Goddess women wouldn't realize they'd gone insane until it was too late. (Come to think of it, those three sentences sum up my life pretty well - hee. )

Athana said...

Get in touch with ophelia at stock.xchng, Morgaine, for the hottie's name. She took his picture, so you can fight with her over him. When I put him in the post, I kept thinking he looked to good to be a flies guy. But then I couldn't remove his pic. I think I musta gotten caught in his spell too.

Morgaine said...

That's how they get us, Athana. There's one reason women tolerated men long enough for them to take over - they can be so darned cute!