Thursday, March 30, 2006


Yesterday we looked at the world as it exists under the godfather. Today let’s yank off those godFather spectacles and replace them with the GodMother’s. What do you see now? The first thing catches you by surprise: the landscape’s been altered –dramatically.

But first, look in the mirror. What do you see? Not someone potentially lovable, but someone incredibly and unalterably lovable. Someone born exuding lovable qualities. No matter what you do, say, are, feel or look like, the world is stuck with loving you. The universe, in fact, just loves every little dimple, every hair on your body. It can’t help it. You inspire unutterable love, you are love. The universe can’t help loving and cherishing you any more than mother can help cherishing baby. You are baby, the universe is Mother.

Now look behind you. Whoa! The earth has long, wavy hair swaying in the wind and a pregnant belly – it’s huge, much larger and powerful than you – and this earth adores you, is smiling at you, can’t help it, because the earth and the universe and everything in it you don’t understand is a GodMother.

Now look at the rest of the world: you see all humans the way the Mystery sees you – as completely, unutterably lovable. You’re all brothers and sisters, all getting equal portions of the love pie from the Universe, the Unexplainable, the Power. No one has to scramble or perform tricks for love – it’s all around, free as air.

No one’s getting more love than you are, so no one inspires negativity in you. And no one feels the urge to scramble to get more than you – why waste the time? What meaning would it have?

The only thing other humans inspire in you is mother-love. As a mother loves her child – black or green; rich or poor; healthy or sporting two heads; big brain or small – so you, too, react to the humans around you. This orientation saturates your thinking, your planning, your seeing, your feeling, your analyses, your discourse, your consciousness, your subconsciousness, your ego, your identity, your mind, your soul, your body and so forth.

Furthermore – and this is essential – as a child of the GodMother, you don’t love a schizophrenic or a paraplegic because the Mother told you to, or because you want to be “good” and win Her love (you already have that, hands down, no sweat), or because you want to get to heaven, or escape that GodFather invention, that “vast underground torture chamber,” hell. On the contrary – you love schizophrenics simply because they are lovable … draw the love right out of you … inspire you with love. You, in other words, don’t manufacture this love; you don’t have to work to produce it (or feel guilt because the love just doesn’t come, no matter how hard you try). It’s just there. Period. It exists. You overflow with it. It comes with the GodMother, with the Mother’s set of spectacles.


Paxton said...

What do you think love is?

I think love is being committed to what is best for the beloved.

I think that you think love is naturally having pleasant feelings toward the beloved. (And I course I don't think pleasant feelings are Bad, but I also don't think they are Love).

*sigh* I keep typing and deleting stuff, my mind is scattered. I will come back later when I can think =P

Anne Johnson said...

Paxton is trying to think of a rebuttal. That's so cute.

:) =) ;) :O

Paxton said...

I'm trying to think of a rebuttal that I haven't *used* before =P

Athana said...

Paxton, I love your definition of love!