Saturday, March 25, 2006

mothergoddess DOT COM

Here’s a new site after my own heart:
"This site is dedicated to the female aspect of Creator and Creation - She whose back we walk on and whose food we eat. Mother Earth.

"She has been prominent in cultures throughout history and back to Neolithic times. But during the past few thousand years, women have experienced alienation from their power source. The female aspect of the Creator has been excluded and denied by a culture that has focused exclusively on the male dominated religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

"The last remnants of Goddess worship were all but wiped out by the massacre of millions of women as witches, during the Middle Ages. And it was all done in the name of a loving God.

"But the Goddess is reasserting Herself. She is telling us it is time to clean up our acts. The survival of life as we know it, depends upon our willingness to listen to Her and honor Her. To worship the Goddess is to honor the Earth and all the creatures with whom we share this divine place.

"If we take the time to see it, to become aware of the divine gift that this life on Earth is, we begin to understand why all acts of love and pleasure are Goddess rituals.

"If you have Goddess-related artwork, poetry or articles you would like to submit for possible publication on this site, we welcome them."
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