Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Got a nice email from the manager of the Peaceful Societies website I posted about on February 25, 2006 ("Pitching WAR OUT ON ITS EAR")

"Dear Athana,

"Doing a Technorati search on the Semai, I just found your recent post about the Semai and your very kind mention of my Peaceful Societies website.


"I'm glad you singled out the 1978 Montagu volume [Learning Non-Aggression; about 8 non-aggressive societies] in your blog post--it's a good work. I personally feel the 1989 book edited by Howell and Willis, the 1994 volume edited by Sponsel and Gregor, and the 2004 volume edited by Kemp and Fry (all listed on my Best Books page) also have a lot of different societies to offer. The Archive in the website includes articles scanned from that 1989 Howell and Willis volume, and I've just received permission to scan a couple article from the 1994 Sponsel and Gregor book. I have hopes of getting permission for a few of the article from the 1978 book too, at some point. I'm trying.


"Anyway, thanks again for the nice plug for the website.

"Bruce Bonta

"Skeptical that a peaceful society will ever be possible? Check out"

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