Thursday, March 09, 2006

Who's afraid of Muhammad?

"The man who catapulted Denmark into an international crisis sits in his cosy kitchen and is confused. Kare Bluitgen has generated a conflict that is robbing ambassadors and heads of state of their sleep…. And it all began with Kare Bluitgen wanting to explain Islam to Danish children...." MORE >>>
Did you know that, the year before the cartoons came out, the Danish film maker Theo Van Gogh was brutally murdered by a Muslim -- after he made a film criticizing Muslim treatment of women?
(Go HERE for the story)

Turns out Kare Bluitgen advertised for Danish artists to illustrate his children's book on Muhammed, but after Van Gogh's murder, Danish artists were all hiding in holes.

That's when another Dane stepped up to bat:

"This cowardice prompted Flemming Rose, the culture editor of Denmark's biggest daily, Jyllands-Posten, to get involved. Rose asked the country's most renowned caricaturists to draw the Prophet Mohammed. Rose says he wanted to see 'how deep this self-censorship lies in the Danish public.' Forty cartoonists were approached, twelve sent in their pictures and these were published at the end of September in the paper's weekend edition."
In the West, we've always tolerated a tension between freedom of speech, and our sensibilities. Are we going to chuck this freedom now, just because Muslims tell us to?!? Jeesh! I wanna decide if we give up freedom of speech. Let’s not wilt like wet paper when a pile of flies guys order us around.

What would happen if, say, an American filmmaker made a movie about Muslims, and a Muslim gunned him down on the streets of New York? Would the film company apologize and promise never to “do it again”? Would Americans stop making films about Muslims? Would Muslims stop there, ordering us around?

Has the West -- America included -- already folded to Islam? In my book, our fear of Islam put into office the worst president America has ever had (to date, at any rate). A president with long and deep ties to Islamic oil.

Kiddies: let’s not confuse “respect” for others with self-protection -- i.e. from warrior-god boys.


Morgaine said...

I think we have already folded and I'm not happy about it. I can't believe that nobody will stand up and say other people have different ideas and the fact that you disagree doesn't entitle you to throw bombs. Seriously, when is somebody going to tell these people to lighten up!?

You read your book, and follow it any way you want. I'll make my decisions for myself, and no one will throw any bombs. That's called civilization. Let's all try it, shall we?

The whole thing with Theo Van Gogh made me furious when it happened. All he did was document the truth. Why is it these monotheists are always claiming to have a lock on the truth, but trying to hide actual truth when it shows them for what they are? Some things are fact. Some things are opinion. I cannot believe that adults in the 21st century can't distinguish between the two.

Athana said...

What's even more unbelievable is having these mutants come into someone else's country -- Denmark -- and kill a Dane because he's a Dane and not a mutant!

All the rational christians I know are into interdenominationalism -- or whatever you call it. No one can say ANYTHING against a Muslim -- because his is forever another religion to be "respected." Which seems to forgive anything he does.

Morgaine said...

Yeah, that's bullshit. They claim it's part of their religion to lock their women up, kill any that learn to read, keep them hidden in burkas, and mutilate the genitals of little girls. I'm done with monotheist thugs of all stripes. Each may choose for him or her self, but it stops there. No one has a right to kill. No one has a right to torture. It all simply has to stop.