Saturday, April 01, 2006


Most call this “sunset at the North Pole.” Goddess worshippers call it “The Living, Breathing, Magnificent Goddess.”

A major difference between the Goddess and war gods* is the Goddess’s emphasis on beauty, the senses, humor and pleasure. Goddess admonishes us to seek out things funny, beautiful, pleasurable and sensual. Sexuality is sacred to Her. (Most of the war gods pooh-pooh all of the above, contending that they are pitiful, sinful, ugly and pathetic.)

In fact, any degree in Goddess studies should begin with Goddess 101: “Beauty, Humor and Sensuality Appreciation.”
*The war gods are those who consistently and on a regular basis call their followers to problem-solve via full-scale warfare. They instruct worshipers not just to conquer others, but to utterly destroy them. They include Jehovah, Yahweh, Allah, Vishnu and other Hindu gods.


Anne Johnson said...

The Catholic Church has officially stated that there's no sex in heaven, and no pets. Who would want to spend eternity there? I think it's clear that the awesome bored gods of the Egyptian pantheon felt they'd have their cats with them on the other side. Why else mummify a million cats?

Morgaine said...

No cats and no sex - NO WAY!

I'm sure Dionysus and Aphrodite see to it that everybody is gettin' some. And I know my kitty, who is a spirit now, is waiting for me.

joe in oklahoma said...

so what IS the cause of the bow llike arc in the sky?

Paxton said...

"[David's wife Michal] saw King David leaping and dancing before the Lord, and she was filled with contempt for him. She said in disgust, 'How distinguished the king of Israel looked today, shamelessly exposing himself to the servant girls like any vulgar person might do!'

David retorted to Michal, 'I was dancing before the Lord! I celebrate before the Lord. Yes, and I am willing to look even more foolish than this, even to be humiliated in my own eyes! But those servant girls you mentioned will indeed think I am distinguished.'" (2 Sam. 6)

And regarding sex:

it is ENTIRELY false to say that God (OT&NT) condemns sex or sexuality. Of *course* sexuality is important to him. Otherwise, he would not be bothered by all of the ways that humans misuse it.

Before sin, nakedness was not shameful (Genesis 2). Adam and Eve were essentially commanded to have sex (be fruitful and multiply). Abraham and Isaac's wives (among others) were noted for their beauty. Read Proverbs 5:15-20. Read Ecclesiastes 3:1-15 for a look at pleasure. Read Song of Solomon (of course). Remember that according to God's law, a newlywed man was supposed to get a year's vacation "to make his wife happy". Read what Paul says about marriage and sex (all I can immediately remember is that the husband's and wife's bodies belong each to the other and the only time you are supposed to stop having sex is if you both agree on it because you think you should set that time aside to pray -- and that after the time of prayer is over, you're advised to "come back together").

The Bible gives principles for sexual behavior. That does not mean God disapproves, but that he approves and wants people to make love according to his plan. Only something valuable is so closely guarded.

If you say that God says that sex and beauty are "pitiful, sinful, ugly, and pathetic", you will be doing so *against* the evidence of the Bible, not in accordance with the evidence of the Bible.

As far as humor goes, I think of Elijah (sarcasm), Solomon (cynical irony), the Psalms (sheer joy), the Proverbs (wry wit), Nehemiah (feigned naivety), the paralyzed man who was healed by Jesus and interrogated by the Pharisees (I can't find that passage right now, sadly), Jesus' various and sundry lighthearted remarks and stories, Paul's false boasting as well as in Philemon where he does the whole "and of course I won't mention **SUCH AND SUCH** or I would never dream of commanding you to do **THIS, FOR INSTANCE**" thing, plus the constant admonitions to do things without complaining or arguing, to rejoice (but also mourn) together.

I have got to run, but I hope you at least consider these things and stop telling lies about my God. =)

Anne Johnson said...

Hey, sweetie. I didn't tell a lie about your God. I'm not into smearing other people's gods. I'm just stating a fact. The Catholic Church has issued a written statement declaring that heaven contains no sex and no pets. I didn't say this was a message from anyone's god. It's a message from a pope who claims to speak for god.

As for the lively, entertaining humor in the Bible, it is sadly quite overshadowed by a morbid preoccupation with what happens to people who don't buy the message therein. To put it in hillbilly vernacular, there's more vinegar than honey.

Paxton said...

I will grant you: I don't usually read the Bible laughing, and I don't think I usually should (though not always).

I wasn't referring to you when I said "stop telling lies about my God" -- I believe you about what the Catholic Church says. I was talking to Athana because she said that God thinks sex is sinful, ugly, etc.

Morgaine said...

Paxton - "he" does say that sex is sinful. Even the idea that nudity is sinful, or that we are born with sin is disgusting.
Men can have sex with wives, servants, daughters-in-law - no problem. Women stray, and they are to be stoned to death. What an utter crock of shit.

The idea that you refer to Paul would be funny if it weren't so disgusting. Most of the real misogyny in the New Testament originates with him.

awesomegoddess said...

What is this? I am the one real, true Goddess.