Tuesday, April 04, 2006


For the past few days Dear Readers, I’ve been following your comments with great interest, but haven’t responded much. In a few days I’m starting an online writing course, and I've been spending concentrated time prepping for it.

The upshot of this is, I may not post for a week or two. And (knowing me) if I do post, I’m likely to be distracted.

After reading your comments, however, I can’t wait to read THE DARK MATERIALS. Also, I so agree that Harry Potter falls far short of perfection. On the other hand, he’s not bad in the way in which he reaches a world-wide audience. And a big deal is made of his mother's love giving him his magical powers.

I like that part.



Anne Johnson said...

I forgot about the mother love. You're right. But he has to work on that wand.

Good luck with your writing course, but if you don't mind my asking ... do you think you need it? You are a super writer. If any teacher thinks otherwise, don't listen.

Yeah, HIS DARK MATERIALS is a trip. Think "Nyaah Nyaah Nyaah, Narnia!"

Morgaine said...

Athana- I concur - you are a wonderful writer. I hope you get what you want out of the course, though. I'm sure the Muses will be with you.

Drop in when you can, and we'll be here whenever.


Athana said...

Thnx for the great support for my writing, my dears. It's a fiction course I'll be taking. I want to learn how to couch my non-fiction writing in fictional settings. I've taken this course before, and to tell you the truth, half the value is having someone watching over my shoulder to make sure I write everyday on things I'm trying to get published.

Anne, where did you get your wand info? Is there a magic-wand literature out there I don't know about?

Morgaine said...

Athana- I know what you mean. That' why I like to take classes. I need someone expecting me to meet a deadline to get things done.

I can't wait to read your fiction. Anthing like that Feminist Sci-fi I sent you forthcoming? Ha ha!

Athana said...

Nothing could top what you sent me Morgaine. Wow-eee!

But I hope to turn out something instructive as well as fun to read. I feel my muses sitting on my shoulders. I just hope they stay there.

Anne Johnson said...

I went to a wand-making workshop run by a very knowledgeable Wiccan lady. She has a staff too and knows how to work wire. She makes awesome creations.

I brought my stick with me to the workshop. The workshop was held at Woodstock Trading Company, which is linked to my blog.

I've written a 600 page novel with no one, even the husband, looking over my shoulder. I loved it, but when I tried to sell it I hit a brick wall, even though it's about that Da Vinci Code stuff and is set 150 years before Da Vinci was born (so I wouldn't get sued).

Morgaine said...

Anne- have you tried lately? There's a market now.
You must be a self-starter. I'm a self-starter, but I never finish anything, ha ha!

Athana- I can't wait to read it, whatever it is. Come to think of it, I'd like to read the articles you've published previously.

Athana said...

Anne, my best friend and college roommate the English prof just keeps sending her stuff to publisher after publisher, until someone takes it. Both you and Morgaine are very talented writers too, in my opinion, and I'm not surprised at all that you've written a novel. I'm more like Morgaine -- a great starter who loses steam too soon.

Morgaine, after I get this course begun next week, I'll send you copies of some of my stuff. I can't wait to read your book, either. I'll get mine done and published, if the two of you promise to do the same.

Anne, I'd love to read your novel, too, if you could send me a hard copy. Are you managing to do anything of significance with your wand?

Anne Johnson said...

That's the other trouble with Harry. Wands aren't used to make magic. They're used to concentrate mental energy and to cast circles. If I ever hold mine in the air and a giant ethereal stag comes floating out, I'll die of a heart attack.

Some day I might post my entire doggone novel in a blog. I hate dealing with the evil publishing empire. And I have all the money I need, which isn't much but is more than I had growing up. So where's the incentive to be snubbed and insulted by agents?

Anonymous said...

Athana, just recently found your site and read many of your postings. Would really like to read more you've written also. Would you give us the citations for your past articles in the three journals where you've been published? Thank you, Martie