Saturday, April 22, 2006

Mothers: READ THIS

If you're a mother, you must read an excellent post by Morgaine at The-Goddess. Here's a snippet:

"Western mothers who are taught to believe their uterus is a national asset, as they are taught to believe that the Muslim uterus is an international threat. They are educated not to cry out: `I gave him birth, breast-fed him, he is mine, and I will not let him be the one whose life is cheaper than oil, whose future is worth less than a piece of land.`

"All of us are terrorized by mind-infecting indoctrination, to believe all we can do is either pray for our sons to come back home, or be proud of their dead bodies.

"And all of us were brought up to bear all this silently, to contain our fear and frustration, to take Prozac for anxiety, but never hail Mama Courage in public. Never be real Jewish or Italian or Irish mothers.

"I am a victim of state violence. My natural and civil rights as a mother have been violated and are violated because I had to fear the day my son would reach his 18th birthday and be taken away from me to be the instrument of criminals such as Sharon, Bush, Blair and their clan of blood-thirsty, oil-thirsty, land thirsty generals...." MORE >>>

(Dr. Nurit Peled-Elhanan, mother of Smadar Elhanan, 13 years old when killed by a suicide bomber in Jerusalem in September 1997, made this speech in Strasbourg on International Women's Day 2006.)

Women -- and you men who support us -- we're so powerful! Last time I checked, we constituted a majority of the earth's population! Even more important -- we have what every demon on earth pants after: our children (fodder) to fight their oil wars! Mothers of the world unite! Let's take back our children. Train your daughters and sons to resist the war demons. Whisper in their ears from the moment of birth. Teach them to be be lovers not fighters!


Mandos said...

But a large proportion of those women don't support you. Women are no more a homogeneous group than men...

Athana said...

Mandos, you're right. They don't support the idea that they have any control over the lives and deaths of their children in war. I think we need to change their minds. We've all been brainwashed to think we're helpless against the system. And we are, unless we can somehow work together.

But it takes an extremely powerful need to pull us together as a unit. I think women's love for their children might be that powerful need.

Mandos said...

They don't support the idea that they have any control over the lives and deaths of their children in war.

Yes, but you're characterizing women as passive participants here, just Taking It and accepting it. To a large extent you're probably right, but I do think that there is a significant number of women who are actually in favour of violence.