Thursday, April 20, 2006

6006 AHG (After Healthy Goddesses)

Hmmm. I’m thinking we should rearrange our time-counting system. Why not use 4000 BCE as year zero? That was roughly when the patriarchy first appeared, with the world's first war gods in tow -- the war gods who turned our formerly healthy Goddesses into puppet deities. It’s been downhill since then, and because of the coming of these war gods we’re about to slide off the earth into oblivion.

Anyway, instead of BC and AD, we’d use BWG ("Before War Gods") and AHG ("After Healthy Goddesses"). So at the moment, we’re living in the year 6006 AHG.

April 20, 6006 AHG. I like it! Kinda gives you a nice feel for how long we've been living in crap.
The Goddess above comes from Egypt before Egypt was crushed by patriarchs and their war gods. The early patriarchs were about as refined as cockroaches standing on two legs, and did nothing all day but grunt and sit on their haunches sharpening war weapons -- unless of course they were out mowing down the civilized people on the planet, who spent at least part of their time doing civilized things, and were therefore not quite as polished with their war techniques as the grunt boys were.


Anne Johnson said...

Feels to me like certain patriarchs can live nine days after their heads are cut off too.

Morgaine said...

Anne - hee. Well put.

Athana - I love that image! How can anyone look at that and not see the real power of the Goddess?!