Saturday, April 22, 2006


I'm asking this Goddess to appear on stage for a third post in a row. Why? First, because She's just blows me away. Second, because I want to point out that, this Goddess is one of the Egyptian Goddesses we all know and love. She is Isis, or Sekhmet, or Nut, or one of the others. It's just that archaeologists have not uncovered her name or identity. Nevertheless, She is Isis or Sekhmet or Nut -- before Their power was diluted by the patriarchy.

On the other hand, She may be a little too rich for our blood. Especially for the blood of our men. Why? Because we, my dear friends, ARE patriarchals. I hate to break it to ya, my fellow Americans, but unless you're 100% North American Indian, you are a patriarch. The American culture, way of life, is primarily patriarchal. Whether you're male or female, you possess certain deepset attitudes and beliefs about breasts, women who take power, about nudity, about female deity, about 'nice women' etc. Our beautiful Egyptian Goddess will therefore be a direct smack in the face for many of you.


Heart said...

Hey, Athana, I LOVE that image! I wish I could find a replica and put it in my garden. Thanks for finding it and posting it.


rhondda said...

Interesting, my friend just gave me a necklace with this goddess. According to an interview I read with Mary Daly, she defines the Goddess as a metaphor of the invisible thread of connections in the universe. She is not a static image, but a living entity.This realization of course can only come with the exorcisim of patriarcal thoughts accompanied with the estatic joy of such an undertaking.