Wednesday, May 18, 2005


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I'm having too much fun with this "Manly Man"/"Womanly Woman" thing to give it up. (see Sunday's post)

Besides, before we establish Goddess religion worldwide, we need to define the "good" Goddess person. I say it's someone who, like a healthy mother, and like the Great Mother, is at the same time nurturing and assertive (no aggression allowed).

So the Womanly Woman would be a fine, aromatic blend of nurturance and assertiveness. Ditto the Manly Man.

And, Voila!! My TOP 10 WOMANLY WOMEN:

1. Susan Sarandon
2. Joanne Woodward
3. Angela Lansbury
4. Cher
5. Tyne Daly
6. Penny Marshall
7. Sandra Bullock
8. Drew Barrymore
9. Brooke Shields
10. Helen Hunt

Who's your #1 Womanly Woman?

Assertiveness: Expressing your thoughts & feelings in direct, honest ways and without violating another's integrity.

Aggression: Expressing your thoughts & feelings in ways that humiliate or overpower another.

Non-Assertiveness: Failure to express yourself -- or expressing your thoughts so apologetically that others can easily disregard them.

Nurturance: To help nourish, sustain, grow, develop.
Thanks to Yahoo. Com for the photo of Susan Sarandon playing Princess Wensicia Corrino on the Sci-Fi Network's Children of Dune.

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Kensho Godchaser said...

"Who's your #1 Womanly Woman?"

My wife. :-)