Saturday, May 07, 2005


I stumbled over this the other day and can't get it out of my mind. Some statistician is saying the crime rate dropped in the 1990s not due to better law enforcement, but -- are you sitting down? -- due to ROE V. WADE.

Yep. 1973's Roe V. Wade.

Here's his theory "... boiled down to its essence: 'Decades of study have shown that a child born into an adverse family environment is far more likely than other children to become a criminal. And the millions of women most likely to have an abortion in the wake of Roe v. Wade--poor, unmarried, and teenage mothers for whom illegal abortions had been too expensive or too hard to get--were often models of adversity . . . Just as these unborn children would have entered their criminal primes, the rate of crime began to plummet.' Levitt goes on to support this assertion with an almost unassailable statistical analysis...."

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Reason #73,853 why we all Win Big when women aren't yoked to the GodFather? Can any society be worth living in if it stands on the necks of its women?

If God the Father is not a religion, but a covert political machine, wouldn't He wither away if women controlled their own bodies? Who'd be born and raised discontent enough to enlist as body fodder for the Polity's War Machine!

I have an idea! Instead of test-ban treaties, why not a worldwide God-the-Father-ban treaty?

Anyway, if you haven't heard of him already, chalk up this guy's name while he's still standing. My guess is he's about to become the center of a Religious-Right wind tunnel of hot air. His name: Steven D. Levitt. His book is "Freakonomics."

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