Tuesday, May 24, 2005


Where's your coverage of the Downing Street memo? Posted by Hello

According to this site, we should contact the media and ask why they're not covering the Downing Street memo (wanna know what the Downing Street memo is? Check out the site). So I sent this in to CNN today:

"Where's your coverage on the Downing Street memo? I'm beginning to spread the word that TV news has become not only worthless, but actually dangerous. Why? Because you dupe people into thinking they're getting the information they need to help run a democracy."

Yes, that was harsh. But in my humble opinion the mainstream media are scared silly of Karl Rove. They need a colossal shove to get them over their fright and on to doing their extraordinarily vital job -- acting as the Fourth Part of our system of checks & balances.

Much thanks to abecerra for the photo of the person trying to light a fire under CNN


joe-london said...

Great job, well done. I have written a couple of letters to the New York Times.

Joe London

Andy said...

Never rely solely on mainstream media! We have the Internet - use it. every media organisation has an agenda and a bias.

Every individual has responsibility for the information they receive and believe. Piped CNN as the sole, complete, unbiased news source is not a satisfactory option.

Athana said...

I agree with you, Andy. I'm just worried about the humongous numbers of Americans who beam with pride if they watch/read even one news source a week. Not to mention those who don't access the internet. I know these people. They're my family.

Laura said...

Hell, yeah.