Sunday, May 22, 2005

What CAN I DO?

To Athana's May 14 post calling for a "bloodless, non-violent revolution ridding the planet of God and substituting Goddess," Mae commented, "What can we do?"

First, read something that LIGHTS YOUR FIRE. For you, Mae, I would suggest re-reading The Great Cosmic Mother, although you may have something else you suspect would rekindle things even better, for you personally -- something you haven't read before.

Second, start blogging about the Revolution. Let it all come straight from the fire now in your belly.

Third, get focused. A good way to focus is to get a mission statement for your blog. Use Athana's if you want (it's the very first post on this blog):

MISSION of Radical Goddess Thealogy:
o To demonstrate to the world, by 2015, that the long-lost Goddess religions produced unparalleled peace, prosperity, social equality--and men more manly than can ever be imagined!
o To demonstrate to the world, by 2015, that this unparalled peace, prosperity and marvelous manhood came to a creaking halt as soon as god stepped on stage.
o To rid the world, by the year 2025, of god religion.
o To replace god religion, by the year 2025, with Goddess spirituality.
o To begin, on this blog, a dialog about strategies and methodologies regarding the four goals above.

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