Monday, May 02, 2005


Today, in an article called "Catholic Church Withers in Europe", The Boston Globe informs us that the new Pope "... is intent ... on turning inward and strengthening the core of the faithful few. The commitment to this approach is revealed in [his] choice of his papal name. St. Benedict was a sixth-century monk who, when faced with the decay of the Holy Roman Empire and the onslaught of the barbarians, retreated to establish hilltop monasteries. The monasteries spread and became the foundations from which European Christendom was built."

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I keep wondering, What sane human being would raise a hand for the festering rottenness of the Inquisition and GodFather child-sex-abuse when right next door is the visible vigor, health, fresh air, adventure and loving humor of the Great Mother?

Of course our ancestors didn't exactly choose The Father, as they squatted shivering on the ground at the point-end of his long, sharp spear. Pick up any world history book for the details of that. But now, I say, is the time to break free from Him for good! Europe's doing it, and the rest of us can too!! Let's hear it for sanity!!

Once again, though, I would warn you -- "religion" is something found in every human society, past and present. This suggests it's central, somehow, to being human. The human species still needs a role model to guide it. Let's choose Mother this time around, and take a break from suffering.

Oh -- and those barbarians who took over Europe after the Roman Empire fell? They were GodFather people, too, in case you're wondering.

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