Saturday, May 21, 2005


Yesterday, Mae said, "I know NOBODY who is interested in this [Goddess replacing god], apart from myself."

Ya hafta wonder: why aren‘t more people interested?! Why can’t people see the Emperor Has No Clothes?

Personally I think one reason is this: the Church worked like the Devil to burn the Goddess out of us. Everyone knows It burned pagans alive at the stake. What we don’t know is that It also invented new-fangled institutions called "foundling homes“ -- for the sole purpose of torturing and "re-educating" pagan children.

Yep. At exactly the same time He began exterminating pagans, God the Father invented the modern European orphanage. After all, after reducing all those pagans to piles of ashes at the bottoms of burning stakes, there were -- guess what! -- a passle of homeless pagan kids running amok on the streets of Europe. Something had to be done with them!

Staggering numbers of kids disappeared into these Godfather snake pits -- in 1445, nine hundred a year at Santa Maria degl' Innocenti, for example, the "best known" "home" in Florence Italy. Chillingly, the vast majority of kids never left foundling homes alive. And records about their fates are often either unclear -- or absent.

The public was barred from entering foundling homes. Homes had “revolving doors in a niche in the wall which allowed a parent or servant to deposit a child...." In 1743, Rousseau pulled strings to get inside a home for girls (he’d seen the girls sing from a distance). He was severely disappointed: “’Sophie was hideous.... Cattina ... had only one eye.... Bettina was disfigured by smallpox. Scarcely one of them was without some notable defect.’”

Those who did make it out of these snake pits, you can bet were bleeding, infested, brainwashed automatons. And these, my friends, were your own great grandparents.

Most of my info comes from The Kindness of Strangers: The Abandonment of Children in Western Europe, by historian John Boswell (oddly enough, Boswell talks about the horrors he strongly suspects happened in Renaissance foundling homes, but he never makes the connection between the mass murder of pagans and the sudden explosion of homeless children in Europe).

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